Strategy Games to Teach Kids Logical Thinking

Strategy game is actually great for kids , especially brain development can help them enhance logic and math skills Oh! Especially the use of problem-solving and strategic planning to cross the border , and so the game is able to stimulate them , because these games are for them and design a series of strategic points, to train and enhance children ‘s autonomous decision-making ability and challenge their thinking. The following are some of the more educational strategy game you can share with your child:

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Strategy games are ideal for helping kids develop logico-mathematical skills that emphasize problem solving and strategic planning. Given the challenging nature of play involved in these games which is based entirely on the decisions and moves players make, strategy games can also enhance  kids’ autonomous decision making skills and skillful thinking. If you are looking for some good educational strategy games to share with your kids, the resources below are great places to start with:

1- Great Games that Teach Strategy

This list curated by Common Sense Media features some excellent apps and games that can bolster kids critical thinking and problem solving. All of these games are categorized according to the age group they target.

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2- Strategy Games for developing logical thinking

This resource from NRICH features some very good strategy games accompanied  with lessons and tips on how to use them with your kids and students.

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3- Strategy Games from Cool Math Games

Here is another great collection of strategy games for students. These strategy games take some serious planning, thinking and figuring.

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4- Giftedkids’ strategy games list

Gifted Kids has this compilation of great third party strategy games for kids.

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5- Strategy Game Apps from App Crawlr

Here is another excellent compilation of some of the popular strategy games out there.

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