Episode 1: Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School

(Source: BBC official website screenshot)

We often to teach the next generation of the headache, try to find the best ways to give our children, but sometimes tend to backfire. Each country has a different education system, more different strengths and weaknesses, to make a very difficult balance is the same thing. This spring, in the UK, where a school something interesting happened, five Chinese teachers to go to England personally with the Chinese Education UK students. What is the experience of teachers and students? British students follow Yaya to see how to deal with Chinese education now!

(Source: BBC official website screenshot)
And the level of the first episode mentioned because of Mathematical Sciences, British students than Chinese students poor, so the principal decided to try Chinese teaching English students. Chinese teachers try to use in the classroom teaching Chinese to apply strictly the British student, initially not much of a problem, but then it was chaos. Because Britain has always been with small classes of students, in response to the needs of different people to do different levels of jobs. But Chinese teaching is not the same, every day should catch up, you can not waste a single minute. Therefore, more and more British students hate school, I feel the progress of teaching mathematics too fast to keep up with the pace … although the principal British do not like Chinese teaching, but the only thing he liked his students with other students do morning exercises, not only maintain good health, but to practice the spirit! Soon mentioned five Chinese teachers will face serious difficulties in teaching, Yaya are really looking forward to what happens next rally Oh! I remember watching the development of the next issue!

According to BBC:

In a unique experience, five teachers from China take over the education of fifty teenagers in a Hampshire school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education can teach us a lesson. Click the video above and see what happened to them.

Original video from http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06565zm

Nowadays, people have become more diverse and they are more willing to accept new knowledge. This video can show the interaction between British and Chinese education system. Different culture has different ideas to educate their next generation. It would be better if we could have a balance by finding the most suitable educational method for each student.