Newly Opened Cayton Children’s Museum is Fun for All ~~ a Junior Journalist Interview and Report

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來到 Cayton Children’s Museum 兒童館開幕預覽活動,兩位小記者秒變三歲小童,在五個遊樂區玩得不亦樂乎,全新的 Cayton 兒童館位於 Santa Monica Place 商場頂層,它到底有什麼魔力讓大小朋友都玩得好開心,又能夠讓兒童盡情釋放幻想力?聽聽兒童館 CEO Netter 女士的解說,以及小記者的親身採訪報導吧!

Cayton Children’s Museum 兒童館簡介~

前身是 Zimmer Children’s Musuem 的 Cayton Children’s Museum 兒童館今年夏天以全新面貌在 Santa Monica Place 商場頂層開幕,有五個融合科技、創意、健康生活元素的體驗遊樂區,還有兩個互動藝術教室,啟發小朋友發揮想像力,非常適合 1-12歲小朋友。

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** 7月10~25日開幕期間,Cayton 兒童館更推出半價優惠,大家不要錯過喔!

地址:395 Santa Monica Place Suite 374, Santa Monica, CA 90401


時間:10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays,noon-7 p.m. Sundays

門票:$14 per adult or child

Newly Opened Cayton Children’s Museum is Fun for All ~~ 

Isabel Lau (age 14)

Young children are said to have imaginations that run wild. The Cayton’s Children Museum is a place where children’s imaginations can expand.

La JaJa Kids was invited to an exclusive open house event that was being held on July 10th, 2019. The interior of the building was very innovative and eye-catching. We explored the five different “wings” that the museum had to offer, each with a special characteristic, differentiating them from one another. One feature that was very cool was a contraption powered by movement. Pedaling and jumping allowed the conveyor to move and bring the ball up to its release point. That feature was created to encourage and promote the importance of exercise and health. Another interesting feature the museum had was a board that used flip technology to display inspirational quotes from various influential figures such as Shakespeare, Confucius, and Dr. Seuss. The museum also purchased a real fire truck and had a kid-sized fire station with the jackets, trousers, boots, and hats. This would allow the children to imagine being firemen or women and explore their creativity. There was also a boat with the water as blue plastic balls for children to play in. To further immerse the kids into the roleplay, life vests were included. A supermarket with mini shopping carts, plastic consumer goods, and a checkout register were also interesting features of the museum. A helicopter is also a part of the museum for kids to play and interact in. There is also an optical illusion wall that is fantastic for pictures.

Additionally, there was a telephone room with blue walls, decorated with yellow telephones. This room was inspired by a heart-wrenching story about the large tsunami that occurred in Japan back in 2011, where approximately 20,000 people lost their lives in the natural disaster. A man was going to work that day and survived due to his workplace being inland. Unfortunately, his wife and child were among those that died in the tsunami. Later, he put a phone booth that was not connected to anything in front of his house and would often talk to his wife and child in the phone booth.

All these innovative and amazing ideas allow the Cayton’s Children Museum to be a place for young children to explore and develop. I highly recommend that you bring your child to explore at the Cayton’s Children Museum.

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