CHILL at Queen Mary is Open Now ~ junior journalists first hand report

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《白雪銀裝下的瑪麗皇后號2017》已經隆重開幕了,當晚紅地毯上好多明星紅人,兩位小記者 Jaslyne & Carissa 做了好幾個現場訪問,心情好興奮!小記者還喜遇網路紅人 Loren Gray,她好友善地接受採訪並合照,兩位小粉絲喜出望外!

今年的 Chill 換上六個「國家」文化為主題,有德國、俄羅斯、瑞士、中國、荷蘭,還有大家最喜歡的北極!

今年更增加了好多好玩新遊戲:真雪碰碰車、高空滑索、溜雪滑道、溜冰場、巨型 shuffleboard、雪上三輪車 . . . ,一個晚上都玩不完!

立即跟著小記者的步伐,一起玩轉 The Queen Mary’s CHILL 吧!

Dates: Dec 13 to Jan 7, open everyday except on New Year’s Eve 

Tickets: $29.00 for adults (ages 9+) and $19.00 for kids; VIP Ultimate Expedition Pass $79.00 for adults (ages 9+) and $69.00 for kids


Carissa Y (age 10)

Have you ever went tubing on an icy slope in Long Beach? Yesterday, me and Jaslyne visited Chill, in Long Beach as junior journalists. Chill is a 38,000-square foot ice park. This year, the theme is international cultural celebrations. Different sections of the park had foods, decorations and activities from Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia, Holland, and the North Pole. Although, this year there were no ice sculptures in the giant igloo, there were ice skating, tubing, ziplining, ice tricycles, and many more fun activities.

When we got there, the red carpet was waiting for us. Since we had a media pass, we were able to fulfill our mission to interview some stars. I was really excited to meet and interview Loren Gray, a musically and instagram star, and ask her about her thoughts on this year’s Chill and her experiences going around the world. She was really nice. Me and Jaslyne also got interview many other stars. 
When we walked into Chill, we saw a long zipline stretched across the sky, an ice rink filled with skaters and many bright lights and decorations. The ice rink can lead you to many different attractions and it even went through a small dome with flying acrobats inside. We decided to go on the North pole zipline first, it was a really tall zipline, so I was a bit nervous at first but when I started zooming through the air, I felt ecstatic and it was very enjoyable.

Then, we went to ice bumper cars, instead of on land, it was on ice. It also lighted up with colorful blinking lights. After playing on the bumper cars, We stopped to rest, eat and drink at Switzerland and had the best mac and cheese with bacon ever. Next to us, there were many drink shops that sold hot apple cider and tea, which painted to look like house in villages of Switzerland. We passed by China, where there were many red lanterns hanging from the sky and I even took a picture with a panda! After that, we went tubing down a slope twice. I was really exciting because the tube went down really fast and kept on whirling around and around. 

Finally, we visited Mrs. Claus in here cozy home to get hot chocolate and listen to her stories. Suddenly, we heard a loud booming sound. We rushed outside and saw different colors of fireworks bursting in the sky, they looked like they were dancing to the Christmas music that was playing in they background.

After this day, I know that I will definitely come back again. I recommend you go on the zipline and bumper cars first because the line is the longest. Then, while you are skating, the rink had opening for you to go out for refreshments without returning your skates. Lastly, for the younger ones you can decorate your own stocking and to have hot chocolate and stories with Mrs. Claus.

Jaslyne T (age 11)

    Imagine a picture perfect scene where people are smiling, ambling down a cute road lined with cute houses, or eating delicious food at a cozy cabin. Queen Mary’s CHILL is just the right place to experience this place. The 6 different countries/places create a unique aura that cannot be experienced anywhere else. A good mix of Santa and stockings to the Chinese Shaolin Monks performance and Lion Dance is a great way for kids to learn and have great fun.

    The great activities will keep the family entertained for hours. Fun Christmas music in the background while you are sliding down a hill is truly a unique experience that everyone will enjoy. Going in the bumper cars is a great game for little ones and tweens alike. Even adults can join in the fun! All of the activities mentioned are great for kids AND parents! The zipline is probably the most thrilling and exhilarating activity to do at CHILL. (Especially during the fireworks). It starts as a very high height and you zip down to the earth at a very high speed. It will make your teeth chatter and your heart pump, but it wasn’t scary after a few seconds. (I recommend for ages 8 and up). But, this activity isn’t for the people who aren’t too fond of heights.

    The food and drinks were superb. We ate at the Alpine Lodge, and the Mac & Cheese was amazing! It was cheesy, and had a hint of spice on the tip of my tongue. It was extremely creamy, but not overly so. I also drank the onion soup. It was a bit on the salty side, but I personally liked it. A dash of pepper does the trick, and it really tastes magnificent. I also suggest to drink the Hot Apple Cider at the Coffee shop. It was sweet, hot, and strangely refreshing and all in all a perfect rendition of the drink. But, at Ms.Claus’s Stories & Drinks, the hot chocolate is a bit underwhelming. Lacking sweetness and depth, I wasn’t a fan.

    All in all, this year’s CHILL was beautiful and a wonderful experience that I loved. The different countries added a wonderful addition to this already fun event. The 38,000 square foot ice park is a sight not to miss. I definitely suggest all families to go to this event, as it ends on January 7th. Over winter break is a wonderful time. I hope to see you there!

More Info about CHILL at Queen Mary

Experience the 38,000-square foot ice park honoring international holiday celebrations with authentic beverages and bites from Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia, Holland, and the fabled North Pole. Start your foodie expedition at Germany’s Twisted Pretzel Pub & Tasting Room featuring family owned 200-year-old German beer flights for adults and samplings of ginger beer, butter beer, and root beer for the wee ones. Delight in traditional German dishes at CHILL’s Brat Haus with cuisines provided by Long Beach’s own Rasselbock Kitchen and Beer Garden, offering Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Kraut, and more authentic fresh German fare.

Families can cozy up in Switzerland’s Alpine Patio by roasting marshmallows and building gooey s’mores at the toasty fire pit. Dine in the lower level of the two-story Alpine Lodge at Alpine Cafe, open nightly, serving traditional Swiss bites. Then splurge for festive cocktails in the exclusive Pinnacle Chalet Bar, on the second floor, overlooking Matterhorn Mountain’s two-story, six-lane, ice tubing slide. Delight in the Fondue Pot in Alpine Square for the holiday tradition of Swiss cheese and chocolate fondue, and enjoy mouthwatering sweets provided by Long Beach’s own Romeo Chocolates at the Swiss Chocolatier.  The Village Coffee offers gourmet selections and Zurich Deli highlights including Swiss charcuterie and fresh baked specialty breads daily.

Stroll down Lantern Lane for an Eastern ice cream treat and visit Bamboo Forest for China’s Zen Teahouse where guests can meet the welcoming Tea Hostess for a traditional Chinese tea service. Excite your taste buds at Dim Sum Delight with China’s traditional winter feast of dumplings, provided by the LA-based Bling Bling Dumpling. Wander into the Northern Lights Experience for a festive martini or stargaze with a flute of champagne at Star Bar.

Warm up with traditional Russian fare including Stroganoff and a variety of Potato Dumplings at Pierogi Paradise. Make it a date night and chill in the 12 Degree Pinnacle Cathedral Ice Bar fashioned like Moscow’s Basil Cathedral and featuring vodka flights from a selection of over 20 different flavors and brands from around the globe.

For the child at heart, Holland offers guests the opportunity to indulge in breakfast for dinner with the gift bearers of each nation at Windmill Waffle House’s breakfast buffet. No time to stop and dine? Walk up to the Breakfast Bar window to sip on unique hand-made breakfast cocktails like the Mistletoe Fizz with gin (a product of Holland), champagne, cranberry, lime, and sugared rosemary, stirred, served over ice and garnished with beautiful rosemary. Or kick-back and relax with a bacon infused Siracha Bloody Mary.

CHILL invites the entire family to enjoy a cornucopia of dishes from around the world along with hand-crafted cocktails, authentic savory bites, and the sweetest of treats.

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