Use the Force: 10 Crafts & Activities to Indulge Your Star Wars Side

When it comes to Star Wars fantasies, young Jedis dream big. If they’re not taking on Darth in the lightsaber battle of the century, they’re putting a Podracer through the paces around an imaginary track. The next time Star Wars is on the playtime menu, score points for the Rebel Alliance with DIY pool noodle lightsabers, Wookie-approved bookmarks, and hairstyle tips every princess can use. Scroll through the flipbook, you must.

Construct paper tube figures 用紙管做出星戰電影主角

Make a menagerie of your favorite Star Wars characters with some toilet paper rolls, construction paper and simple instructions from Hello, Wonderful. Psst… you can even make the droids you were looking for with this cute craft!

Get the Princess Leia updo 愛Princess Leia updo的女孩們可以試試做這個髮型

Style your little Leia’s locks into the hottest ‘do in the galaxy. Get the surprisingly simple how-to from Jessica at Me Sew Crazy. Look out, world!

Put together a Yoda puppet 做木偶跟小朋友玩個小型星戰家庭舞台劇

Make this cute puppet, you must. In a do, not try, kind of way. Little hands can easily assemble this googly-eyed, paper bag Yoda puppet found on Gluesticks and Gumdrops.

Create R2D2 art 只要下模板,剪下來組件就可以砌出R2D2 

Even the littlest Padawans can create this adorable geometric R2D2 to tag along on their adventures. It’s a cut and paste project that’s easy to master. Find templates and the noteworthy deets from Danielle at Mom Inspired Life. Roll on, R2!

Cut out snowflakes 星戰主角的雪花,有夠酷的!

Create a flurry of excitement when you and your Jedi-in-training cut out Star Wars snowflakes, designed by Anthony Herrera, to hang around the house. You don’t need expert lightsaber skills to slice and dice these intricate designs, but you do need patterns. Pick your favorite from the 2015 collection. Let it snow!

Sew felt finger puppets 木偶不止可用紙做,縫紉也行喔!手感還更好呢!

Get inspired by these hand-sewn finger puppets of classic Star Wars characters, found on Floral Showers. Make your own felt creations. Then, use them to act out your top five scenes or create some of your own. A true tour de Force!

photo: Klutz

Create thumbprint art 用手指公就畫到星戰的故事

Young Jedis can make an impression when they try their hand at Star Wars thumbprint art. Use the inspiring character designs found in this Klutz book to storyboard an adventure worthy of Luke, Leia and Han. Picture it! A long time ago…

photo: Yutaka Seki on Flickr

Bake cookies 派對上有星戰曲奇,大概所有家的孩子都會愛上你吧!

Being a Jedi-in-training sure works up an appetite! Nurture your sidekick’s Baking Side with some Star Wars sugar cookies. Use your favorite cookie/icing recipe combo to bake up a batch. Even Darth might have a hard time resisting these!


Make a bookmark 做做書籤,可能令讀書變得可愛一點…

Everyone knows the best stories take place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Make a cute Chewbacca bookmark to act as place keeper in your petite Padawan’s galactically good tales. Mom Start has the need-to-know details on this roaringly awesome project.

Forge a lightsaber 偽造光劍,讓你家孩子The FORCE個夠本!

Every Jedi-in-training needs a trusty lightsaber at his side. Let your Rebel fighter fashion his own using a pool noodle, duct tape and his mad design skills. Gain the knowledge you need for this project at Train you must!

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