Rise of the Jack O’ Lantern Interview

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丫丫小記者 Bianca, Ryan 和 Siarra 在 Rise of Jack O’ Lantern 傑克燈籠萬聖節南瓜展開心遊玩了一整個晚上,但是並沒有忘記他們的重要任務~~訪問雕刻大師 Greg Gilger,加深了對南瓜雕刻的認識,一起來看看他們的分享!

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IMG_7245Ryan Lin

Boo! On October 18, 2015 we were at the Rise of the Jack-o-Lantern in the Santa Anita Park. We were here to see 5,000 pumpkins in a ⅓ mile trail decorated full of glowing, well hand-carved pumpkins by Jack-O-Lanterns. Ally was our tour guide and she was the assistant producer.  Ally took us in this trail full of glow. She told us that, when the pumpkin rotten and turn all moldy, they would have to re-carved the 5,000 pumpkins again. “Every week we have to re-carved every single pumpkin here that you see today for the other people to see the best ones that we have” said Ally. When we went to the entrance,  Ally introduced us to the carving master Greg… READ MORE


Bianca Chiu

On October 18, 2015, three Lajaja Kids Junior Journalists went to Santa Anita Park to see Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns. What is that? It is 5,000 themed jack o’ lanterns aligned in a ⅓ mile trail. Families and friends come and go by at night to enjoy the unique lit-up jack o’lanterns hand-carved and painted by professional pumpkin artists. The Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns started in New York in 2012, but the workers there decided it would be nice to let other people in the world enjoy the beauty of the jack o’ lanterns, so nowadays the show is in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York, where it originally started… READ MORE

12181825_10153202005071914_1259087475_nSiarra Huang

What lights up the Halloween night sky more than one Jack o’ Lantern, so how about 5,000 hand carved ones.  This Sunday October 18, three junior journalists including me, went to the event Rise of the Jack o’ Lantern in Santa Anita Park, Arcadia. It’s only lighting up in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego this year. We got press passes and interviewed one of the carvers, Greg. The assistant producer, Allie, gave us a tour of the Jack o’ Lantern show, but interviewing Greg is what we went for. Greg was doing a preshow of how to carve a Jack o’ Lantern for people and showing his creations. He carved around 10 Jack o’ Lanterns to exhibit and 2 more to use for showing people how to make a Jack o’ Lantern… READ MORE





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