21 Podcasts That are Great for Children


21世紀出生的孩子從嬰兒時期就接觸電子產品和互聯網,屬於「數碼原住民」。相對於父母一代,他們更能利用電子資源來吸收資訊和知識,而在洛杉磯漫長的開車途中,podcast 是很好的資訊節目,以下為大家介紹的 21 個優秀 podcast 數碼電台節目,融合教育性和娛樂性的內容,非常適合家長下載給小朋友收聽:

1. Wow in the World


Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. We’ll go inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.


2. Smash Boom Best

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Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids and families from the makers of the award-winning podcast, Brains On! Every episode takes two cool things, smashes them together and lets you decide which is best. Cats versus Dogs. Pizza versus Tacos. Super Speed versus Super Strength. Who will be crowned the Smash Boom Best? Our debaters use facts and passion to make their case… teaching listeners how to defend their own opinions along the way.


3. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Indoctrinate your tykes with this weekly playlist of “indie music for indie kids.” Not only will children enjoy starting the day listening to music made for kids, but parents will be delighted to discover that age-appropriate tracks from some of their favorite bands routinely make the cut. Why not off start the day (dancing) on the right foot.


4. Tumble

Best Podcast of iTunes 2016

If you have a budding scientist on your hands then Tumble is an absolute must. Experts in the field stop by to discuss their own work, uncover phenomenons and ask questions that will inspire curious minds. This podcast will make your kids fall in love with science.


5. Five Minutes with Dad

Five Minutes with Dad is not unlike the conversations that happen in your family. You’ll love how this pop and his two kids tackle everyday issues, from staying positive in school, to losing a tooth, to showing appreciation for your relatives. The hosts are as charming as they are relatable.


6. Story Pirates

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Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit www.storypirates.com for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!


7. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

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Imagine the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show crossed with Nova and told like an olde-timey radio show and you have the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. it follows the journeys of the kind Dr. Floyd and the wicked Dr. Steve. The two are always at odds as they lead listeners on adventures that cover history, geography and science—a fun and unique way to spice up school subjects.

8. Brains On!

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Do your kiddies have a burning question? Perfect! Send ’em in! Brains On! finds a different expert for each episode who will address tots’ curiosity. Anything from animal farts (yuck) to narwhals have been covered!


9. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

Take a sci-fi trip with Finn Caspian, his friends and their pet robots as their hurl through space aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. Kids will follow their misadventures as they explore strange planets, meet aliens and gather feedback from listeners on where their intergalactic journey should take them next.


10. What If World

What If World

Storyteller Eric James O’Keefe turns kids’ questions into wacky scenarios in What If World, so if your tots are inquisitive, send in their question and let the fun unfold from there!


 . . . to be continued