Brand New Hello Kitty Dental Clinic opens up in SGV! ~ a La JaJa Kids JJ Exclusive

Most people, and children, are terrified of even the thought of going to the dentist. What can solve this problem? Well of course the sweet and cute Hello Kitty and her good friends like Gudetama and Melody from Sanrio! (Hello Kitty can solve any problem to be honest)

Get an exclusive look with Junior Journalists Ryan, Carissa, and Phoebe of the inside of America’s first ever Hello Kitty themed dental clinic, with a look at the grand opening, an exclusive interview with the head dentist, and a fun look at the wonderful world of Hello Kitty dentistry.

Junior Journalists: Phoebe Zhang, Carissa Yu, Ryan Lo

Video and editing: Justin Zhang

Temple City Hello Kitty Parklane Dental

Address: 9636 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780, USA

Phone: +1 626-247-4788


53292253_2022198794562514_4670262040835653632_nPhoebe Zhang (age 9)
There’s a grand opening celebrated at Parklane Dental, located at temple city. They are partnering with Sanrio in the first dental office in the U.S. that features Hello Kitty and Friends. Parklane Dental’s hello kitty themed office will help patients of all ages and they will help their patients feel ease when they are taking a trip to the dental. Parklane Dental was founded by Dr.Eric To. He made this dental office that is hello kitty themed because when his daughter was small, she had to go in the hospital to do surgeries so she was really nervous. She had to be isolated with other people so she couldn’t really talk to other people. Eric To brought her hello kitty stuff animals so she could feel ease. That’s why this dental is hello kitty themed.
They have a pediactric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgeries, dental implants, and exceptional cosmetic dentistry. When you walk through the door, you’re experience and imagination will happen. There is one room that is hello kitty themed that is almost all pink and there is another room that is gudetama themed which is almost all yellow. Next to the hello kitty themed room is the waiting room where there are stuff animals and books.
When I first walked in, I was surprised about how good and detailed it looked. I didn’t really see it at the first time because we couldn’t go on a tour. The second time I went there, we had a tour so we got to see what was in there. There were two rooms that were themed and I liked the gudetama room more. When I saw the waiting room, I was surprised because it was so detailed and it was so cute. There were soft chairs, bookshelves, books, stuff animals, and light clouds that were in the ceiling. We even got to hold giant toothbrushes. I think my most favorite about this dental is the waiting room because it’s so detailed and  cute. Now I will be recommending everyone to come to this dental.

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