Junior Journalist Coverage on Miss Chinatown Los Angeles Pageant Press Conference


第54屆華埠小姐選美決賽將於 1月 26日在聖蓋博舉行,九位代表南加華裔社區的佳麗將各展風采,爭奪后冠。

主辦單位羅省中華總商會上星期舉辦了新春慶會新聞發佈會,向傳媒介紹各位華埠小姐選美的參賽者,以及第120屆金龍大遊行的準備情況。兩位小記者 Alicia & Phoebe 參與了整個現場採訪和報導活動的過程,表現得有板有眼,讓人印象深刻呢!


另外,一年一度的新春金龍大遊行將在 2月 9日舉辦,這個大型新年活動將有超過百家的社團、商家、社區團體參與,參觀人數期望可超過 10萬人。



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Phoebe Zhang,Age 9

There is a competition named the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant, and this year is the 54th annual competition. On the first press conference meeting, the participants introduced themselves. Last year’ s winner was Catherine Liang. This year’s contestants are Kathy Wong, Ashley Thompson, Barbara Wong, Sela Wong, Isabell Liu, Rubyanne Ye, Kellie Chin, Brianna Ying, Karen Ha. There are sponsors that sponsored the participants like The Commerce, Cathay Bank, ExacTax, KG Bakery, Alpha Medical Pharmacy Inc, Tina modeling,and more.

On January 10th, I got to interview the boss, the new president, and the people that created Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant. We couldn’t interview the participants that were competing for the pageant. I was kind of scared when I first walked into the pageant press conference located in the Ocean Seafood Restaurant. I was also kind of scared talking to the boss. When I talked to him more and more, I started to get more confidence and comfortable, instead of scared.

I saw the girls introduce themselves. Before they introduced themselves, the boss, the new president, and other people that created the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant. They talked about themselves and the boss introduced the new president. They also talked about the pageant competition and the 120th Golden Dragon Parade. After they did that, they introduce the participants. On January 10th, there is a press conference for the girls to introduce themselves. The Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant competition is held on January 26th, 2019.

The competition is located at the San Gabriel Sheraton Hotel and hosted by the Chamber. At least the Golden Dragon Parade attracts 80k-100k people watching the parade. When we had the press conference, the boss said that he got good news. He said that one of the floats from the Rose Parade is going to join the Golden Dragon Parade. It was so great to know the girls, boss, new president, and other people that created the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant Competition. It was sad that we couldn’t interview the girls. I wish that someday I will be one of the Pageants, and that I could participate in the pageant competition.