Number Tournament Held at Temple City with Big Success!

上週日,第一屆趣味數字競賽於天普市熱鬧舉行,108位 3~8年級小學和初中生齊聚天普市社區中心,一同參加這項比賽,現場熱鬧非凡,歡笑聲此起彼落,小朋友們在競賽中收穫了友誼、知識和對數學的熱情。

這項非常有趣又富教育性的趣味數字競賽,以有趣的遊戲,挑戰孩子的數學和數字概念,原來是24位來自 Arcadia High School 和Flintridge High School 的高中生一起創辦的,果然是創意與魄力無限!

這次活動還獲得社區許多商號和個人支持和贊助,讓所有參賽者都能得到小獎品和小吃,玩得更投入 !


On October 28, a total of 109 matheletes between grades 3 through 8 gathered at Live Oak Park Recreation Center in Temple City, CA and participated in the first Number Tournament event. The event lasted from 9 am through 12:30 pm and consisted of a total of 28 teams competing in 3 fun-filled math competition games: “Hit The Target”, “24”, and finally “Smash!”.

Lastly, the event could not have progressed more smoothly if it weren’t from the support of a team of 24 students from nearby Arcadia High School and Flintridge High School volunteering as officials and score-keepers along with all the devoted parents who attended the event.

la JaJa Kids is proud to be a co-organizer of this inaugural “edu-taining” event. We look forward to having more fun and successful event in the coming future!

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