Junior Journalist at LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Kick Off Party

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丫丫小記者 Doria 上週末出席了樂高樂園萬聖節主題活動 Brick or Treat 「歡樂十月萬聖派對」,與現場上千位小朋友一起迎接萬聖節的到來,除了以招牌樂高積木砌成的 Brick-or-Treat Trail 外,還有海洋生物館的精彩活動、變身成為「鬼船」的機動遊戲、pop badge 大挑戰、Lego 砌積木活動、繽紛糖果站、好笑又富創意的兒童變裝大遊行、還有精彩舞台音樂舞蹈演出、連 Sea Life 水族館與兩家主題酒店都有好多驚喜,晚上更有煙火表演,真是讓人流連忘返!

一起來看看 Doria 分享的親身經驗吧 . . . 


Doria Chen, age 9

On the weekend, in the month of October, Legoland holds a festival called Brick or Treat. Legoland’s members or employees help pass out candy to kids and adults with or without costumes. There are dance parties for any age when the sun goes down, and the line for the rides is even shorter than ever. Near the Aquazone Wave Racer, there is usually a costume contest where people wearing costumes may compete.

As we entered, there were Lego people welcoming us.. We couldn’t believe the amount of people dressed up for this event. Many families dressed as a team, like the Incredibles from the Disney movies or the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There were even strollers decorated as vehicles like a fire truck with flashing lights. There were many stops to trick or treat and by the time you finished you looked like Santa with a sack full of candy. You might not know what the adults were thinking,the kids were thinking “ I want more candy!’’. To add to the excitement, there were rides that were decorated with Halloween themed decorations and some employees were walking on meter tall wooden legs.

The amazing 4 hours went by so fast almost like the blink of your eye!. The employees and visitors were extremely kind.Hopefully, you get a chance to visit Legoland during Halloween time. The Legoland Brick or Treat was a wonderful experience.

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LEGOLAND Brick-and-Treat Halloween Party

厭倦了每年都一樣的討糖慶祝模式?不如參加樂高樂園的「歡樂十月萬聖派對」,除了以招牌樂高積木砌成的Brick-or-Treat Trail 外,還有海洋生物館的精彩活動、變身成為「鬼船」的機動遊戲、pop badge 大挑戰、Lego 砌積木活動、繽紛糖果站、好笑又富創意的兒童變裝大遊行、還有精彩舞台音樂舞蹈演出、連 Sea Life 水族館與兩家主題酒店都有好多驚喜,晚上更有煙火表演,真是讓人流連忘返!注意:門票要另外購買喔!


Dates: 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27

Time: 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights, presented by Disguise Costumes, is back and filled with sweeter treats, exciting entertainment and not-so-spooky thrills! Every Saturday night (Oct. 6, 13, 20, & 27) at 5 p.m., LEGOLAND California transforms into the ultimate family Halloween party featuring the popular Ghost Cruise ride, new entertainment shows, a new pop-badge challenge, building activities, live music and special live entertainers throughout the Park. Plus, bonus treat stations inside SEA LIFE® aquarium and live entertainment at LEGOLAND® Hotel and the new LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel.

More info: www.BRICKORTREAT.com

  • Live entertainment + new shows!
  • Character Meet and Greets
  • Costume Contest: Group, Heroes and Villians, and LEGO®
  • Treat stations with more than 1 million pieces of candy and Clif Kid Treats*
  • Heartlake City Fall Festival with Pumpkin Patch Build and craft time with the LEGO Friends
  • The AstroBash Dance Party
  • Brick-or-Treat Party Nights Pop Badge Challenge
  • And more!
  • Plus, don’t miss candy, decorations and your fishy friends at SEA LIFE® Aquarium included with your Party Nights




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