Junior Journalist Interview with Founders of ChefBox


這個週末(6/29 – 7/1)是今年 626 夜市在Arcadia 舉行的第一個週末,這個南加著名的美食活動每次活動吸引超過六萬人入場,自 2012年推出以來,已經成為南加州夏季好玩好吃的代名詞,也是將亞洲夜市美食文化在北美落地生根的成功標誌。

熱愛美食的兩位小記者 Shawn 和 Jaslyne 這天有幸認識了 626 夜市創始團隊的兩位成員~ Patricia Huang 和 Albert Chu, 當然要把握與兩位訪談的好機會,除了想知道 Patricia 和 Albert 參與 626 夜市的籌辦過程外,更好奇他們兩位最近在 South Pasadena 推出的全新美食創意點子~~ ChefBox 的創業心得。這天小記者來到 ChefBox 參觀和進行訪談,學到了好多,一起來看看他們的訪談吧!




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Shawn  Lo (11)

What business supplies healthy, and tasty food at the same time? Located in the heart of Pasadena, Chef Box provides all kinds of meals from sweets and delicious brownies to gourmet and healthy dishes. A few days ago, I got to interview the owners of Chef Box, Albert Chu, and Patricia Huang. I enjoyed talking to them, and was interested about their business. I learned that Chef Box provides a variety of foods for different kinds of customers.

What is Chef Box? Chef Box is a company found by Albert Chu, and Patricia Huang, the team members behind 626 Night Market. Chef box provides easy access of delicious meals that lets you grab and go. Chef Box’s meals are made by local chefs, each with a unique style of cooking. Using the freshest ingredients, these chefs prepared different meals packaged in bento-box like containers. They are then sent to Chef Box to be sold to hungry customers. Chef Box meals are categorized by culture, taste, and also nutrition. There is definitely something for everyone. During my interview with Patricia, and Albert, they showed me different types of meals and highlighted some of the preparation techniques, which made me so hungry! When my mom asked me to choose a few boxes to take home, it was hard for me to decide. They all looked so appetizing!

During my interview, I learned that Patricia, and Albert worked their way up, and started working for an innovative company first before they created Chef Box. 626 Night Market is an example of what they did before Chef Box. Working on the 626 Night Market Project, they learned a lot so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes. Their experiences working with different vendors and different types of foods also helped them to launch this new company.

I think that Chef Box is a success, and a good place to eat . What I like about Chef Box is that it can provide a healthy balanced diet for my family. It is one of the few companies that serve delicious and nutritious meals instead of fast food you see, and taste all the time. What I also like about Chef Box is its people. I admire Albert and Patricia for their entrepreneur spirit. Both are creative, hardworking, and driven. Combined with the talents of local chefs, they help satisfy the needs of busy customers who don’t have time to cook, but want good foods for themselves and their family.

In conclusion, I think Chef Box is a successful and profitable business, because of its meal quality, menu diversity, and convenience. Chef Box is also a success because of its friendly staffs and innovative founders. If you pass by Chef Box located on Fair Oaks Ave in South Pasadena, be sure to pick up some meals for you and your family!

Jaslyne Tam (12)

Imagine this. You are at work and you need something quick, nutritious, and yummy to eat. If you eat at a sit-down restaurant, it will take too long. But if you eat fast food, it will be unhealthy and it might not taste good. What can you do? In South Pasadena, there is a store to solve this dilemma. Chef Box is a storefront where customers can buy pre-prepared boxed meals created by local chefs. The meals are nutritious and delicious with food ranging from a Hearty Turkey Lasagna to Vegan “Meatballs”.  Recently, fellow Junior Journalist Shawn and I were able to sit down and interview the creators of Chef Box, Albert Chu and Patricia Huang. 

Albert and Patricia are some of the creators of the infamous 626 Night Market. According to their website, “After identifying a gap in the to-go meal options market in Southern California, the duo came up with the idea of matching top-quality local culinary talent and hungry consumers with a straight-forward, efficient storefront concept.” Interviewing them, they told me similar ideas as what was on their website. 

They also stated that they noticed how much people enjoyed the diversity, convenience, and taste of the 626 Market food. This led them to want to create a “brick-and-mortar” version of the market. Albert and Patricia also told us that the night market had also helped them when working with food vendors. Chef Box has real chefs from other restaurants making the food, and 626 Night Market has different vendors from separate locations selling food. They shared that working with vendors helped them to work work the chefs in Chef Box. 

When I walked into Chef Box, I was a little confused. There wasn’t a clear distinction of what Chef Box was and how it worked. Since I read the website, I knew what Chef Box was about. But just a passerby would not know what Chef Box was. But as I looked around I began to understand. If you would like to go to Chef Box, make sure to take a look at the website first. 

Now I bet you are thinking, “How can you have a write up of Chef Box if you haven’t eaten the food yet?” But while Albert was showing us the collection of Chef Boxes, I was intrigued by some of the food. We ended up purchasing dinner for my entire family. The selection of food we bought included a Tuscan Farro Soup, a Chicken meal, and a delicious brownie. After tasting this food, I definitely recommend these meals, if not every other box meal as well. 

In summary, Chef Box is a wonderful on-the-go food service and I recommend going to check them out. Interviewing Patricia and Albert was also very enjoyable and educational, and I learned a lot about Chef Box.