Be a Junior Journalist at La JaJa Kids ~~~ Application Form 2018


Wanna be a La JaJa Kids Junior Journalist?

Fill out this Application Form and send to us for consideration


Complete this form and send to La JaJa kids by e-mail to

 jjApplication Form

Must be a current third, fourth or fifth grade student

Student Full Name ____________________________________________________________________________

Birth date (month/day/year) _______/_______/___________ Age __________ Gender _______________________

School Name ___________________________________________________ Grade ________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone (__________)_____________________________ Cell Phone (_________)______________________

What kind of extra-curricular activities are you taking now: _________________________________________________


Area of Interest (you can select more than one):

  • interview and write up ____
  • event attendance and coverage ____
  • video interview ____
  • editorial ____
  • movie/TV review ____
  • book review ____
  • photography ____
  • video photography ____
  • video editing ____
  • other, please specify: _______________________________________

Essay Writing

In a separate sheet of paper, write two short essays (each one should be less than 150 words) You may write in English or Chinese

Essay One ~ “Why should YOU be selected as a Junior Journalist?”

Essay Two ~ Write a Review about a Movie/TV show/Concert/Book You Enjoyed Recently

Please scan and email to

In Person / Skype Interview

After reviewing your application and essays, we will arrange an interview to meet you in person or on Skype video to get to know you better.

Parental Consent Form

Complete this form and send to La JaJa kids fax (323)346-0160 or scan and e-mail

I have carefully considered the activity and have given consent for myself or my child to perform the duties of Junior Journalist for La JaJa Kids, and participate in the activities listed above. I understand that participation in the activity is entirely voluntary and requires participants to abide by applicable rules and standards of conduct. I release the activity coordinators, and all employees, volunteers, related parties, or other organizations associated with the activity from any and all claims or liability arising out of this participation.

I understand that my child will be obligated to attend the interview and the premiere at the indicated dates and locations. I will provide the transportation needed for my child to attend these events on time.  I understand that my child is responsible for her/his behavior at all time, and agree not to hold the school or any of its employees responsible for any expenses or damages incurred as a result of my child’s behavior. I also understand that any violation of the school’s code of discipline may result in exclusion from the team.

I hereby give permission for my child’s photograph, artwork, poetry or other work produced in conjunction with this activity to be put on the World Wide Web (WWW) site. I understand that the information to be posted does not include information from my child’s academic, guidance, permanent or cumulative record (i.e. grades or attendance records). I also understand that the information to be posted does not include other personal identifiable information such as my child’s address, phone number, or social security number. I also understand that La JaJa Kids holds the copyrights of all the published writings and photographs produced by the junior journalists.

I hereby give permission for my child to be interviewed and/or photographed by the media as it pertains to his/her Junior Journalist duties. I also hereby release La JaJa Kids , and its agents and employees, from all claims, demands, liabilities whatsoever in connections with the above.

Student name __________________________________________________

Parent/guardian printed name ______________________________________

Parent/guardian signature _________________________________________

Date __________________________________________________________

For Information, call 323.728.7200 or e-mail