Hacienda Heights Area Chinese School Principal Cindy Chang Named Distinguished Women of the Year at 57th District


Every March, the State Assembly honors women from across the state for their remarkable contributions to the community in celebration of Women’s History Month. This week, the 57th Assembly District recognized ten extraordinary women who has exhibited qualities of courage, strength, and vision to receive the 2018 57h District Distinguished Women of the Year Awards.

Big Congratulations to our dear friend, Cindy Chang, principal of Hacienda Heights Area Chinese School, who has being selected as one of the award recipients!

三月是美國的婦女歷史月(Womens Histroy Month)。加州議會每年舉辦年度傑出女性頒獎活動,選出多位在不同領域的女性,以感謝她們對社區或某項議題的關注,或是表揚她們職業上的成就。

恭喜丫丫園地好友~~哈崗中文學校張玉玲校長榮獲加州第 57 選區年度傑出女性,表揚她對學生和社區多年的貢獻和付出,實至名歸,可喜可賀!



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