Crumbs & Whiskers Cats Cafe ~ a JJ Experience

Many trends from Japan and Taiwan are coming to America. Most importantly, the Cat Cafe. Cat Cafes are where people can drink coffee and eat yummy bakery treats while playing with cats! Many cat owners will enjoy Cat Cafes, but just normal non-owners of cat people, like me, can also enjoy a Cat Cafe experience.

A Lajajakids JJ, (me!), visited one of the most famous Cat Cafes: Crumbs & Whiskers, (on Melrose). Check out the video below to see my experience.

近年來,一股源起於日本和台灣的風潮正悄悄在美國流行起來~~貓貓 café,在洛杉磯也成立了好幾家,無論你是否「貓奴」,一面與貓咪們玩耍,一面享受咖啡和美食,都是非常療癒和鬆弛的經驗。

小丫丫最近就來到洛杉磯最有名的貓貓 café 之一:位於 Melrose 大道的 Crumbs & Whiskers,渡過了輕鬆又好玩的一個下午!一起來看看她和貓咪的有趣互動~~

Address: 7924 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Hours: Thursday ~ Tuesday 11AM–7:45PM; close Wednesday


Phone: (323) 879-9389

Fees: each session is 70 minutes, $22 weekdays, $25 weekends per session


Crumbs & Whiskers


Crumbs & Whiskers


Crumbs & Whiskers


Crumbs & Whiskers