Sidewalk Speedsters Exhibit
Opened in December 2017, Sidewalk Speedsters examines the development of cars built specifically for children to drive and race and their contribution to American culture. The exhibit provides examples from the earliest versions of child powered peddle cars to modern day junior dragsters. This is an exhibition that will reawaken nostalgia in the adults and inspire the kids.

Little cars have come to be a big deal. In an era when many adults have begun to wonder whether owner-driven full-size cars will continue to be a part of our motoring landscape, scaled down, motorized children’s cars are all the rage among the very young. Tiny, kid-sized electric- or gas-powered vehicles populate the shelves, catalogs and online inventories of toy and game retailers worldwide, making it a $430 million per year industry as of 2015. From the 1908 Brownie Car to the 2017 Junior Dragster, vehicles in the exhibition will represent a range of old and new, electric- and gas-powered, basic and sophisticated, affordable and expensive. With a focus on cars that could be “raced” by adolescents in competition, the exhibition Sidewalk Speedsters: The Grown-up World of Children’s Cars examines the development, purpose and meaning of vehicles that were often campaigned in friendly competition, but because of their tiny size, effectively preclude their use by adults.

The exhibit is exciting fun for children and adults alike as you fondly recall your own first memories behind the wheel, while youngsters (and the young-at-heart) will be captivated by the pint-sized cars on display and inspired by the exploits of the daring child racers featured in the exhibit.
The Petersen is more than just about preserving history: this L.A. institution celebrates the science and artistry of the automobile, and how the invention of the car has changed—and continues to change—the course of human history.

Don’t get left in the dust and check out the Sidewalk Speedsters exhibit at the Petersen while you can, where you can “ooh” and “ah” your way through its three floors of automobile amazingness from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

Get ready to hit the road and buckle up for some fun.

Tickets: Adult $16 | Senior/Student $13 | Child (age 3-12) $8

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