Visit “Children of Hangzhou, Connecting with China” Exhibit at La Habra ~ 1/23 to 5/27

January 23 -May 27, 2018

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Join kids from Hangzhou, China for a close up experience of China today. Explore school, home, theater, and a farm, all set against a beautiful backdrop of traditional Chinese paintings. Try out some of their everyday activities: write in Chinese, cook with grandmother, plant rice, and perform in a traditional Chinese opera! Hangzhou combines the best of old and new, rustic countryside and modern urban center. The Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China exhibit presents China from the viewpoint of four young people. This exhibit was created by The Boston Children’s Museum and is part of the Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series, funded by The Freeman Foundation and administered by Association of Children’s Museums.

Join us every month for our Celebrating China Series during the run of the exhibit!

Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China presents four children from Hangzhou at home, at school, in the theater, and in the countryside. The Hangzhou young people will introduce themselves through media and the activities of their daily lives. Museum visitors will discover that Chinese life today mixes ancient traditions with modern lifestyles and that life in China is both similar to and different from life in North America. The young Chinese in the exhibit will be a bridge to learning about China and building cross-cultural understanding. The exhibit features original artwork created to present a unique Chinese aesthetic that delivers an immediate and unmistakable impression: You are in Hangzhou, China.

The exhibition is organized into several components, each with media diaries about the kids and about Hangzhou. Visitors will meet these kids in the exhibit:

Visit Weicheng’s apartment –

  • Find out about the importance of family and help celebrate grandma’s birthday
  • Discover the art of symbols in China
  • Learn how to write good luck and long life in Chinese
  • See how the Chinese prepare their favorite recipes
  • Enjoy seeing all the yummy parts of a Chinese banquet

Visit Gangzheng’s middle school-

  • Find out what his school day is like
  • Join the class in studying Ancient Chinese history
  • Learn about the amazing Great Wall, with original blocks for building it.
  • See how the Chinese written language evolved over thousands of years.

Visit the Opera Theater where Qianyun is learning to perform traditional Chinese opera-

  • Pluck the pipa (lute like instrument) and hear how it sounds
  • Play the yangqin with tiny hammers – just like a dulcimer and hear how it sounds
  • With great costumes, scripts to follow, and terrific music, it’s Showtime!

Go out to the countryside with Doudou –

  • Discover life in the countryside while visiting grandparents
  • Help them with rice planting and learn about rice cultivation
  • Learn crafts from grandma.
  • Find out about the importance of the ancestral village.
  • Check out the friendly lifelike water buffalo!

The iconic centerpiece of the exhibit is a Pavilion in West Lake. See how Hangzhou is like “heaven on earth”. In the Pavilion, visitors can practice Tai Chi with a master and play traditional Chinese games

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The Children’s Museum at La Habra

地址:301 Euclid St, La Habra, CA 90631

展覽日期:1/23 – 5/27

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