“Wonder” ~ Junior Journalist Movie Review & Parents Talking Points
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從預告片到全球放映,這部改編自全球矚目同名暢銷兒童小說的電影都是大家矚目的焦點,除了因為主演的都是大明星,又有許多天才童星的精湛演出,最主要的還是因為電影用最平實的手法來闡述故事,將 Kindness 「同理心」的重要表現出來,感動了所有觀眾。


Auggie Pullman 由於遺傳罕見基因,天生臉部有殘缺,多年來不斷進出醫院。 一出生,醫生就斷定他活不過三個月,但奧吉卻憑著旺盛的生命力活了下來,經過大大小小的面部整容手術,他逐漸朝「正常人」的路走去,但五官仍然非常扭曲,像有人用大鉗子把他的臉從中間壓扁。小時候,他不論走到哪都戴著一頂太空人頭盔,因為唯有躲在頭盔之下,才不會引來別人異樣的眼光。

十歲這一年,Auggie 第一次踏進學校,進入了醜的、胖的、和別人稍有不同就會被霸凌的殘酷青春期。Auggie 如何在父母朋友的的幫助下,嘗試融入校園生活,向所有人證明自己無異於其他小孩,並努力以自身誘導他人欣賞別人的內在美。

Movie Review by Junior Journalist Shawn Lo

Watching  “Wonder” was a sensational experience!  I read the book three times before I had a chance to see the movie.  Even though I know the ending, I enjoying watching this heartwarming story come alive!  What I love the most about this movie is the message of kindness and courage.  The movie positively portrays the importance of being kind and being brave, and that you should never judge a person based on their look.
The actual movie is about a boy named August Pullman who has a deformed face.  August, also known as Auggie, prefers to hide his face under an astronaut helmet because of his facial difference. Up until  5th grade, Auggie has always been home schooled.  Starting his 5th grade, his parents decided to send him to a normal school.  Auggie has a lot of challenges laying in front of him entering a mainstream school for the first time.  However, soon he realizes that many people he cares about also have their own issue.  His sister Via is a very kind and sweet girl.  But  she also tries to find her own acceptance at home and in school.  Another main character is Jack who is a friend of Auggie.  Jack understands that a person like Auggie needs a friend like him.  But at the same, Jack also befriends with Julian who likes to bully Auggie.  How is Jack going to choose his friendship between a bully and a true friend?  Another friend of Auggie is Summer.  Summer is the sweetest girl at Beecher Prep.  Even though she is adorable and kind, she also struggles deciding whether to be kind or be popular.
I highly recommend everyone to see this movie this weekend. The book should also be in every child’s bucket list.

Movie Review by Junior Journalist Jaslyne T.

    “You really are a wonder, Auggie.” When Julia Roberts, August Pullman’s mom, uttered those words, I instantly tried to hold back tears. A heartwarming movie like this can even make a pro-wrestler cry. Having read the book numerous times, the movie did add, change, and take out some key parts. For example, in the novel by R.J. Palacio, Summer sits with Auggie on the first day of school. Also, Summer and Justin play larger roles in the novel, but the dad has a large role in the movie. There is only a short part of Julian and his parents in the movie, but in the book, (The Julian Chapter), the author goes into more detail.

    This movie is great for families of all ages. Kids ages 8 and older should read the novel first, to get more in-depth. Younger kids might get scared of August’s face, but one does get used to it. Jacob Tremblay was excellent as August, and Owen Wilson, (the dad), had many funny lines. This movie should definitely be on everybody’s MUST-WATCH list this Winter. Make sure to get popcorn, as it is quite long. (113 minutes) See you at the movie theater!

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