Junior Journalist Program Recruitment for 2017-18



 招 募 丫 丫 小 記 者

La JaJa Kids Junior Journalists Program Recruitment 


放完暑假,新一個學業年度就來臨,我們希望透過這個做小記者的平台去讓更多小孩有機會出去看看,試一試他們的膽量、增廣見聞、培養自信和溝通技巧 . . . 你還等什麼?有興趣參加的小朋友們,請將照片和個人資料 (姓名,年齡和有關經驗)  電郵 給丫丫園地,我們會與你聯絡約見。 

We are seeking several smart and adventurous Junior Journalists to attend and cover our upcoming 2017 events.  You’ll be invited to exclusive media launch parties and special sneak previews, and gain valuable experience in reporting on fun events, and meet lots of interesting people! Apply today by filling out this application form.   


口齒伶俐, 自信大方, 8  14  (小學 3-5 年級, 初中 6-8 年級), 能說流利中文和英文 (能閱讀中文者為佳)

Interview Cassandra Hsiao

Interview different celebrities in red carpet at Queen Mary CHILL

Interview at Rose Parade

Interview with Panda Restaurant Group Director of Culinary Innovation

Interview with PBS Odd Squad Original Cast

Interview with Steve Songs: PBS Kids Program Host and Kids Songs Singer

Interview with Grace Lin: Newbery Award Winning Children’s Book Writer


Radio Disney Interactive Interview @ Los Angeles Boat Show


 Red Carpet Interview at Judy moody Movie Premiere