Piano Shop Field Trip by PIANO MOM ~~ Dec. 11


This is a special field trip and workshop for parents to learn about this wonderful music instrument called the PIANO! Topic: “How to choose a right piano for a beginner?”

Date: Saturday, December 11, 2016

Time: 2:15 PM – 4 PM

Location:  4923 Santa Anita Ave Temple City, CA 91780 [private tour by reservation only]

Cost: FREE (by reservation only)

You will learn:

1. 10,000 Parts of Piano and their detailed function

2. Piano Brands and their History

3. Different Sizes of Piano

4. Restoration and Piano Tuning

5. Practical: Rent vs Buy; Used vs New; Shop vs Invest

報名:Piano mom Wendy 626-217-5830 or email impianomom@gmail.com (limit to 12 people total, kids under 5 not allowed)

Read more about Ms. Wendy of Piano Mom: http://www.lajajakids.com/?p=1007

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