Junior Journalist Interview with Fencing Coach Geoff Russell

Fencing is fast becoming one of the most popular after school activities for kids all over the US. Do you want to know why? How do you get started with fencing?

Our Junior journalist Kyran visits coach Geoff Russell of Fortune Fencing to learn more about this unique sports

Why it is so Popular?

It’s an Olympic sport that’s perfect for less athletic kids, because skill and strategy matter more than body type.

Best For:

Bright kids who love logic games or math, or kids who need a lot of structure.

What do You Learn:

Choose their weapon: either a foil, a saber, or an épée. (Each appeals to different personalities, so it’s like Harry Potter in Ollivander’s Wand Shop.) Then they’ll learn lunges, thrusts, parries, and more before facing off against a partner.

Why Kids Love It:

It’s sword fighting! Like in the movies! And yet it’s surprisingly cerebral. It’s like being in a real chess game, and you are one of the pieces.

How to Find a Class: