New York Public Library installs $2.6M ‘Book Train’ conveyor system

nyplNew York Public Library installs $2.6M ‘Book Train’ conveyor system. The conveyor system, developed by NJ-based company Teledynamic, cost an additional $2.6 million and replaced the old system in which boxes of materials were placed on a series of conveyor belts.

The new “book train” runs on 950 of vertical and horizontal tracks and, traveling at 75 feet per minute, moves materials through 11 levels of the library, or 375 feet.

It will go from the Milstein Stacks (the underground facility) to both the Rose Main Reading Room and the first floor.

Library staff can even track their requests, as the system has electronic sensors installed on the rails.

New York Public Library is located 42nd St 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018. So you know where to visit with your kids the next time you visit the Big Apple!