Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is a great place to experience the liveliness of Chinese Culture. Though it does not take place on the actual day of the festival marked on the Chinese calendar, the Long Beach Festival celebrates the tradition with many booths for families to eat and play in and the opportunity to watch Dragon Boats race across the beach.


地點:Long Beach Marine Stadium, 5225 East Paoli Way, Long Beach CA 90803


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7/30 Saturday

M.C.: Sha Sha, Pedro Chan, Timothy Le, & Vy Nguyen
11:30am-12:15am Ohana Polynesian Dancers
12:15am-12:40pm Taiko Center of Los Angeles
12:40pm-1:10pm Salsa Dance
1:30pm-1:55pm Damo Academy Martial Arts
1:55pm-2:20pm Magic
2:20pm-4:45pm Hip Hop

7/31 Sunday

MC: Sha Sha/Pedro Chan
Damo Academy Martial Arts
11 am – 12:30 pm

1. Magic by  魔 術
2. Balancing Act  頂 技
3. International Ballroom Dancing  舞術表演
4. Kicking the Bowls & Interaction  踢 碗 & 轉 碟
5. Chinese Yo Yo  空 竹
6. Chinese Flute  吹笛
7. Emily – the Contortionist
8. Shaolin Martial Arts  少林武術

1:00pm – 3:00 pm

1. Magic I by David Chen 魔 術
2. Variety Acts  什技
3. Shaolin Martial Arts II 少林武僧
4. 2-U-Neek Sing & Dance  唱舞
5. Ice Cream Eating Contest, eat and win $50 食雪糕比賽
6. Magic II  魔 術
7. Belly Dance with a Sword
8. Lion Dance  舞獅

dragon boat1 dragon boat2