10 Fun and Free Math Games for Kids

0 + 0 = 0 這條數學題,大概小學生都知道!


更好的是,作為精明的家長們是用 0 + 0 = 0 的金錢來下載這些 Apps 給家裡小朋友玩囉!

以下為大家推介 10個由 Common Sense Media 挑選的數學遊戲程式 apps,適合3歲至10歲以上的小朋友,一定有一種最得你孩子的歡心!

Bedtime Math, 適合年齡:3+

If you want to make casual math a daily family practice, then this one’s for you. Each day, you can read a brief story and work through a math question with your kids. Since you can adjust the difficulty, it works for kids of all ages.


Gracie & Friends Jungle Gym, 適合年齡:4+

Recognizing quantity without counting (called subitizing) is a great step toward math fluency.Gracie & Friends helps little kids practice this very specific — and important — math skill.

Tiggly Chef: Preschool Math Cooking Game, 適合年齡:4+

Kids can practice counting and simple addition either using their fingers or the manipulatives that are available for purchase. For kids who need a little more sensory input or movement, using the Tiggly toys might boost learning.

Todo Math, 適合年齡:5+

Through math missions, kids practice a wide range of math concepts at different ability levels. Because this app was designed with learning differences in mind, it’s a great choice for kids with special needs.

CyberChase Shape Quest, 適合年齡:6+

For kids who have some knowledge of shapes already, this app lets them apply their learning — and build spatial-reasoning skills as a bonus. There’s even an augmented reality game to add a little novelty to the math puzzles.

MyBlee Math, 適合年齡:6+

Before using, kids can customize their level for grades K-6. This app’s best feature is the feedback kids get for incorrect answers, and kids can use it for up to 10 minutes each week for free.

Reflex Math: Math Fact Fluency, 適合年齡: 7+

Building fact fluency can help kids on their way to tackling more complex mathematical concepts. Reflex Math offers a wealth of games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They’re best for kids who already understand the basic operations and just need practice.

Sushi Monster, 7+

Kids get targeted addition and multiplication practice along with fun graphics and sound effects. The feedback is somewhat limited, so it’s probably best for kids who already understand the concepts.

Wuzzit Trouble, 適合年齡:9+

A fun story about freeing little creatures propels this game. Kids practice the skill of integer partitioning, which is splitting whole numbers into parts or combining numbers into a larger whole number. As kids advance, the puzzles get more challenging, so kids should be ready to think carefully.

Math Snacks, 適合年齡:10+

A combination of videos and games, this site (with its accompanying apps) is a bit like Schoolhouse Rock! and is meant to appeal to kids who aren’t very keen on math. Ratio, proportion, rate, and scale are the main focus, though fractions, decimals, and coordinate graphing are also included.