Junior Journalists Footprint: SoCal Chinese Relay for Life Interview




一起來看看小記者 Ryan 和 Kyran 學到了什麼?

Ryan Lin

Do you know what is cancer? Cancer is a disease in which cells grow and divide with little or out of control. What is Relay for Life about ? On April 23, 2016, two Lajaja Kids Junior Journalists – Kyran and I, went to Rely for Life in Monterey Park to find out more about it . I was there to interview Ling Wu, the organizer of this event. Who emphasizes the Chinese communities lack of cancer prevention education so that’s why this event took place in Chinese community.

“What is the mission for Relay for Life?” Their mission is to fight and prevent cancer. There was a statement she was talking about was four things that will diminish suffering from cancer. Research, education, advocacy, and service. The research is how they research to cure and make a stop to cancer. The Education is they teach kids and adults about cancer and what cause cancer. The advocacy is an public opinion about making a change to it. The service is people that are trying to stop cancer and spread the teaching of cancer They have to have a fundraiser to support all of these.

“Is there program for kids to learn about cancer?” Yes there is! There is program for kids and students at our mission discovery to let them know what is cancer. There is a poster contest for high school students. This poster contest is about making kids research and knowing and learning into what is cancer, how to prevent, who survived, or any topics they want. Next year they want all the grades to participate.

“What can kids to help fight cancer?” There are many ways. When a 6th grade’s teacher got cancer, he wanted to help. So, he had a fundraiser and they raised over $9,000. At their mission discovery there is a program which teaches them to eat healthy and stay fit. Eat healthy and exercise will form a good habit for them. They have a team of kids of five people who makes up one team, which there is nine teams total.

I learned that cancer preventions helps kids to have a healthy lifestyle such as eating vegetables and exercise regularly to stay fit at young age. This is such a great event, I think that there should be more of these types of event to spread the word. I’m ready to be a volunteer next year! HELP STOP CANCER!!!

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Kyran Lin

Relay for life is a life-changing cancer fundraisers events that help communities in many ways. On April 23, 2016 two Lajaja Junior Journalists (Ryan and I) went to the Chinese Relay for Life Fundraiser event. This event was help Chinese community to get more knowledge about prevention and education for cancer.

There were many booths to educate people about cancer. Lajaja kids’ photo booth was one of them. Also, there were many great shows on stage. After a while of exploring, we were called over to do an interview. I interviewed two volunteers; Ryan Yu( 10 years old) and Caroline Yu(12 years old).

Ryan and Caroline Yu’s hosted a game booth. They designed all the fun games and prepared all the cool prizes. The fee was $2 per person. You need to throw the ping pong ball in the red cup or the different color cups to get the reward, but no reward if the ping pong ball went into the clear cup. The prizes for the different color cups was all different. The biggest prize was Relay for Life t-shirt.

It has surprised me that even young children like Ryan and Caroline could be part of Relay for Life team. Hope one day I can be part of Relay for Life team. I had great time at the event and learned a lot about how to stop cancer!

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