88bb – FIRST Chinese Kids Channel Launched with Popular Content from Taiwan
Have you heard of momo kids Chinese Channel? They are the most popular kids channel from Taiwan! Since 2006, mom channel has already produced lots of kids content and activities. It is created to help kids learn Chinese from dancing and singing with celebrities, storytelling time, DIY and also games! Through this channel, kids can also learn about human behavior and life knowledge. And the host has accompanied with lots of children’s development and growth! However, this channel was not in U.S. for many years…but till now!
丫丫園地很高興為大家推介一個全新的網上頻道~~ 88BB 兒童中文電視,提供最適合小朋友的節目內容:生活小知識、中國文化、D I Y 動手做做看、社交技巧、互動故事屋、遊戲、音樂、舞蹈等,更可以透過活潑的影片來增加孩子對中文的認識,給孩子一個學習中文的安全無廣告環境。

88BB 兒童中文電視,有momo親子台的大明星哥哥姐姐 (包括貝童彤 (彤彤姐姐)哈密瓜-佘啟銘)唱唱跳。小朋友可以跟著他們一起跳舞!



88BB 節目中由貝童彤 (彤彤姐姐)哈密瓜-佘啟銘主持的中文教學小片段,兩位都是 momo親子台的當紅主持人喔!

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以上資訊由丫丫園地合作夥伴 88bb 提供。