Cavalia Odysseo EXCLUSIVE part Just for YOU!!
這次的 丫丫有禮送 VIP 票活動引起很大的迴響,證明真的很多丫丫讀者想去看 Cavalia,可是卻只能有一家人中獎 . . . 沒有中獎不要緊,我們當然也為你們做了功課,讓大家都能看到 Cavalia OdysseO 從未曝光的精彩片段、 VIP 專享的特別活動,還有小記者在 RENDEZ-VOUS 貴賓室的訪問過程~~
我們還獲邀進入Cavalia 後台,原來後台到前台的一小段路是很陡的,大家都走得有點吃力,可是走到台前時,才發現原來舞台真的好大好大喔!很難想像表演者和馬匹每場演出需要多少精力!!
快來看看小記者在 VIP Lounge 玩了什麼

The Night At Cavalia OdysseO

By Kyle Chiu


                           On February 25, 2016 two Lajaja Kids Junior Journalist: Kyle Chiu and Bianca Chiu went to see the Cavalia Odysseo. The show was the company’s 2nd production and have been having tours since fall 2011. We had the opportunity to interview the workers backstage inside the world largest white tent in Orange County where horses and people were performing the show.

                           When we arrived, we went inside the VIP lounge where there was food and drink provided for free before and in the middle of the show.  We watched the Cavalia Odysseo where there were many, many, horses and people were performing in different scenes, such as Easter Island, Great Plains, Forest, Merry-go-round, etc. The performers dressed up as Greece, modern people, and explorers in order to match with the scenes and stories. It was amazing. All the performers and horses were acting so natural and every single scene is very attractive. It took a lot of training with their performing equestrian where there were 70 horses and 45 artist to make a land of dreaming imagination. These horses and riders act as they are together as friends and family that makes people enjoy the show. In one part the rider fell off the horse and in another part a hoop fell down and then carried a person and did tricks while on the hoop. The background continue to change while the riders and horses performed, which make the show more fun to look at. 

    After the show we Lajaja Kids went backstage and saw the horses at their stables and some of the horses that were in the show were seen in their stables too. At the end we Lajaja Kids got a chance to touch a horse and ask its rider questions about the horses, show, and riders about how they trained in their stadium and see the horses inside their stables. All the horses were being picked by the experts in the community. Each horse had to be trained and tested in order to find the right owner. Sometimes it takes couple years to have the horse ready to perform. We were also get the chance to stand on the stage in order to feel how it is as a performer. It is quite amazing for the horses and the riders be able to have so many different actions on the stage.

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The Magic Awakens at Cavalia OdysseO

Bianca Chiu

            Dinner, Drinks, Dessert, and a magical show put together by acrobats and horses, who could ask for more? It’s all right there at Cavalia Odysseo, where two Lajaja Kids Junior Journalists visited on February 25, 2016.

            When they arrived, the excited journalists got their VIP passes, free programs, and a poster as they headed on to the buffet, which was filled with tasty food to get you stuffed for the show. Things like beef, chicken, and crackers with hummus welcomed everyone as they toured around the world’s largest white tent, which was also their lounge.

            When time came for the show to start, the VIPs all rushed to grab their free popcorn, and the journalists skipped into the dim stadium, where the got seated in the row CC (third row) of section two in the seating area.

            As the show started, everyone stuffed popcorn into their face and watched carefully at the first scene, which was basically horses doing tricks with actors as a lady sang a song in a language I do not know. The scenes went by in a flash, with all the horsemen jumping and climbing around their horse. Unfortunately, one actor fell off his horse and almost got trampled over. Luckily, and to everyone’s surprise, the horse stopped at the sight of its fallen owner, so no damage was done to either of them.

            When the first half of the show was over, the journalists headed back towards the lounge and ate dessert. There was tiramisu cake, chocolate fudge, and little cubes of red-velvet cake coated with chocolate. Eating and chatting, almost everyone in the lounge was talking about what they saw guessing what sort of magic was to be uncovered next.

            All that was revealed when the break ended and the show began again. Grabbing more popcorn, the people stampeded towards their original seats in the stadium and chittered excitedly, impatient as ever for a show to start.

            The second half of the show was even better than the first! In one of the scenes, acrobats flew around in the air with nothing to support them but thin, silver hoops. There wasn’t even a wire! They would just hang by their hand, leg, and even neck! In another scene, the audience learned the saying “O walu guere moufan!”, which basically means No More War on Earth.

            In one of the last parts of the show,  a horse skidded across the water, splashing the audience as it danced to a music. (IT DANCED!) Afterwards, all the performers came on stage and bowed, showing us the final performance of the day.

            As the show ended for real, crowds forced their way out of the tent as bloggers headed to the stables, which held over 65 horses.

            In the stables, the journalists met and questioned some of the actors on the horses and took a few shots with them.

            To conclude it all, it was the most magical interview ever!

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