Best Dental Office Design Award Winner Parklane Dental Talked with Junior Journalists
這一天,兩位可愛的丫丫小記者來到一家設計時尚又專業的牙醫診所. . . 不是為了要檢查牙齒,而是訪問去年在全美牙科診所設計大獎中一舉奪冠的杜振軒醫生!
原來要拿下大獎要經過好多專業的評估和審核,一起來看看柏麗牙科是怎麼做到的?還有,你家的小朋友相信tooth fairy 的存在嗎?小記者很想知道,聽聽杜醫生怎麼說. . .  :-)




Kyle C.

On December 22, 2015 I had an interview with Dr. Eric To at Parklane Dental in Arcadia about the best dental office design of the year. He had many rooms at his dental office including patient rooms, his office, a cleaning room, and many others. Each patient room has a TV and bright colors to entertain and keep the kid patients calm. He uses a lot of glass to keep his patients comfortable in their rooms. Patients may have closed doors to have privacy. His rooms also had many other mechanical things like patient’s chairs, X-ray machines, computers, and many others that help to fix different teeth problems. X-ray machines are not only for looking at teeth but are also used for checking the location of the jaw and other mouth problems. All the machines and equipment are used for both patients and employees.

It took Dr. To more than 9 months to build and design his office. When the dental office won the best design of the year, they had a celebration ceremony in May, 2015 and many people came. His good designed office attracts many people.

At the end of the interview, Dr. To was very nice and gave us a gift bag full of many useful teeth supplies such as tooth brushes, mouth wash, tooth paste, floss, etc. We took some pictures with Dr. To and the staff and that concluded our visit to Parklane Dental office. We enjoyed today and learned a lot about Dr. To and his office.

 Last but not least, Dr. To shared an important message with us: “If you believe the tooth fairy exists, then it truly exists.”




Dr. Eric To from the Parklane Dental Office won the 2015 Best Dental Office Design Award and I can see why. His design makes a trip to the dentist relaxing and fun. I went to interview him on 12/22/2015 in Arcadia. We first toured the office. Dr. To showed us the details of every room and what happened in there. Then we asked him our questions. I asked him how he felt when he heard the news of winning the grand award in the 2015 dental office design competition and how they celebrated. What are the competition rules, and what make Parklane stood out and won the competition?  What was the most difficult part in the process of designing the office? He gave us information about things we never knew about dentistry and also how he designed the place.  They won the award not because luck but because of their hard work. Their design was functional, has efficiency, and convenient for everyone. The most difficult part was to include everybody’s ideas but they had a great team to design and build it.
In the tour we saw the operating rooms, the x-ray rooms, the front desk, and the waiting area. Also meeting the front desk ladies and the nurses was included in the tour. Everyone is important to make the office run smoothly. In every operating room there is a T.V. to keep your mind off of things and there is glass doors to see what’s going on outside. I think this design makes the perfect environment for nervous patients, showing them that the dentists at Parklane Dental Office are nothing to be afraid of. Even if the office is great the people who work there make it even better and they are really the ones who put a smile on your face.




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