Get Behind-the-Scene at Rose Parade & Meet the Designer!


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丫丫小記者帶你看玫瑰花車幕後花絮 + 花車設計師訪談

Get Behind-the-Scene at Rose Parade & Meet the Designer!


丫丫小記者獲得非常珍貴的機會,採訪到玫瑰花車的天才設計師 Charles Meier,了解他對花車設計的心得,更率先看到 Paradiso Float Design 四台尚未登場的花車原型,包括代表華人社區的誠保利集團作品『馬可孛羅』、尚未曝光的Lakers 湖人隊花車、PBS公立電視台花車等 . . . 小記者們更動手幫忙佈置呢,立即來看看吧!


















Isabel L.

Ever heard of the Tournament of Roses Parade? Well, you must have  been in a cave for the past 100 years if you haven’t. I actually got to see some of the floats that will be in the Rose Parade. Well, part of it anyway .I got a sneak peek of some of the floats before January 1st which is when the Rose parade officially begins! Here’s the scoop. On December 12, 2015 our LaJaJa Kids junior journalist team was invited to go to Paradiso, a company that designs some of the floats in the Rose parade. Here’s some background information about Paradiso Parade floats. Paradiso has been in business for over 20 years and is owned and directed by Charles Meier. Mr. Meier also designs the floats that his company manufactures. He started designing floats when he was 9 years old. He made his first float when he was 13. He got the award for youngest float designer.

Jaslyne and Jessica interviewed Mr.Charles Meier while Jessie and I interviewed Ms. Gwen Robertson. Her role in Paradiso is to be in charge of the writing and advertising for the company.Ms, Robertson told us that can take months maybe even years to sketch and manufacture a float. That is a really long time!

We got a tour of the Paradiso facility guided by Ms. Robertson. We saw all the floats that were in the process of being manufactured. There was one particular float that interested me the most. That was the Lakers float.There was a big metal basketball and hoop that was going to be put on the float. The Lakers cheerleaders will be on the float and maybe even have the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar on there. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a retired Lakers star player who played for the Lakers for 20 seasons. I would love to see him on that float on January 1st at the Tournament of Roses (FYI, I’m a huge Lakers fan).

After the interview, all 4 junior journalists even got to participate in cutting the flower petals.Those flower petals will be used on their floats for the Rose Parade. It sure was a lot of fun, but just not sure if I cut right!

Going to Paradiso was a fun and educational experience. I learned that it’s not easy to build a float. You have to get every single detail of the float. Make sure to come to Paradiso to check out the floats!