15 Christmas Games for Your Family Party


Reindeer have games. And you can, too! Shake things up at your Christmas celebration with party activities that would make Rudolph himself want to join in. We compiled game ideas that guarantee tons of giggles and little prep work, from Pin the Heart on the Grinch to an indoor faux snowball toss.

1. Snowman Wrap 包紮雪人
You may remember a version of this game from your last Halloween party. Here, the mummy wrap with toilet paper gets a Frosty-style twist. Don’t forget the hat, black paper buttons, and orange carrot nose for an extra-special touch. Find out more at Party Wishes.

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2. Ornament Balance 聖誕飾品平衡

The holiday season is all about balance, right? Rig up a yardstick for a clever game of balance with ornaments (just think of it as a Christmas-y Jenga). See who can balance the most bulbs on your precarious perch and get ready for giggles when they fall. (It’s probably a good idea to keep that fall to a minimum height, though.) Thanks to The Mason Family Blog for the inspiration.

Photo credit: The Mason Family Blog

3. Indoor Snowball Toss 室內雪球投擲
This game scores multiple seasonal points. Suspend a wreath somewhere and use marshmallows as “snowballs” as you try to toss them through the hoop. Get the whole snowball scoop at A Beautiful Vibrant Life.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Vibrant Life

4. Pin the Heart on the Grinch 聖誕怪傑別上心
Turn your house into Whoville and celebrate the day that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes. Using a cut-out heart as a marker, spin your party guests around and let them match the ticker to the Grinch. Head over to Mom’s Tot School for more info.

Photo credit: Mom’s Tot School

5. Oven Mitt Gift Reveal 烤箱手套拆禮物
Hold a gift-opening relay race that adds a silly oven mitt challenge. The frenzy to unwrap boxes will be even more fun when the kids are slowed down by mitts. Find out more at Karen’s Ideas Galore.

Photo credit: Karen’s Ideas Galore

6. Pass the Candy Cane 棒棒糖遊戲
Pass a candy cane around using other candy canes as fish hooks. It’s peppermint-fresh fun and a good way to use up all those candy canes. Thanks to egg2cake for the idea!

Photo credit: Egg2Cake

7. Do You Hear What I Hear? 聽聲辨認法遊戲

You know that instinct to shake a present and guess what’s inside? Now you can do it in the form of a game. Wrap up different amounts of jingle bells in boxes and then have guests guess how many jinglers are in each gift. Learn more about this earful of a game at A Beautiful Vibrant Life.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Vibrant Life

8. Christmas Charades 聖誕節字謎遊戲
Two words: Christmas charades. Sounds like: a lot of fun. Thanks to The Joys of Boys, you can score a free printable with Christmas-theme charade prompts. Then just zip your lips, act it out and enjoy the game.

Photo credit: The Joys of Boys

9. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt 聖誕燈尋寶
Take your traditional tour of the neighborhood Christmas lights to the next level and turn it into a scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to get out of the house, see the lights and extend game time. You can find the awesome free printable for your hunt at The Golden Gleam.

Photo credit: terren in Virginia

10. Reindeer Nosedive 馴鹿急轉直下

Play a bobbing game to see who can get a very shiny nose (er, red pom pom) to stick to their real nose. This game involves vaseline to get the pom pom to stick and a whole lot of laughter. Get the how-to at Your Homebased Mom.

Photo credit: Your Homebased Mom

11. Nut Stacker 堅果堆垛機
The nuts and bolts of this game are gloriously simple. You only need a candy cane, some nuts and concentration. Start stacking the nuts using the candy cane and keep an eye out for when they start to fall. Props to The Mason Family Blog for the idea.

Photo credit: The Mason Family Blog

12. Gift Exchange Story 聖誕禮物交換的故事

This game is party gift exchange, part story time. Sit with gifts in your lap and read the story aloud. When the word “right” or “left” is said, pass your gift accordingly. You can get the story and more info at Darling Doodles.

Photo credit: Darling Doodles.

13. Holiday Drawing Off the Top of Your Head 畫出節日氣氛
All you need are paper plates and pens for this game. Players hold a plate on their head and draw a holiday scene without looking. After, artwork is revealed and points are tallied. Or, just have a good laugh at the wobbly results. Get all the instructions at Happy Home Fairy.

Photo credit: Happy Home Fairy

14. Snowman Bowling 雪人保齡球

Knock out a few strikes with your own bowling set of snowmen. This game makes use of your recyclables for the pins and you can make them different sizes depending on the containers at hand. Get the DIY details at Imagination Station.

Photo credit: Imagination Station

15. Oh, Christmas Tree – Cups Game 聖誕樹 – 杯比賽

Here’s one more game from the fabulously fun Mason Family. The idea is to stack as many cups as you can in a minute, using only one hand. Use green cups to create a tree effect or alternate red-and-green stacks. Check The Mason Family Blog for more.

Photo credit: The Mason Family Blog

Does your family have a traditional Christmas game you bust out at parties? Share with us in the comment section below!

— Abigail Matsumoto

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