Kids Bike Race for Charity Presenting Check to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

還記得11月8日的兒童慈善騎車樂嗎? 小騎士們,你們的參與能幫助有需要的小朋友囉!!我們將小騎士們的捐款全數捐給了洛杉機兒童醫院!我們的小記者Karen也在場為你報導!還有一些洛杉機兒童醫院的活動喔!

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Not so long ago, in a hospital right here in Los Angeles, a special group of people met the brave heroes who most inspire them. Luke Skywalker was there. So was R2-D2, and a few other “Star Wars” favorites. (Our doctors were most concerned about a certain someone’s raspy breathing.) By the end of the day, it was hard to say who were the heroes, and who were the fans.

“Star Wars” Day was a magical moment here at the hospital, because those films are special to so many people. That got me thinking—so is our hospital, and it’s because of you. Everything we do, and everything we are, depends on the compassion, commitment and generosity of people like you.

Groundbreaking research. Staff that provide the most attentive care for our kids. Thousands of Halloween greetings that light up our patients’ faces with the most joyful smiles. All of this—and so much more—is made possible by you.

It matters so much. When you root for our kids, they hear about it. When you take a minute to share a kind note, they see it. And most importantly, they feel it. All of that support and kindness makes them feel special, cared for and loved. Even the smallest acts of compassion matter so much. As Yoda would say, size matters not.

So thank you for being the force that binds this hospital together. Thank you for standing by our kids and their families when they need it most. Thank for you for believing in them, and in us.


DeAnn S. Marshall, MHA DeAnn S. Marshall, MHA signature

DeAnn S. Marshall, MHA
Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles