Junior Journalist Interview with Thrively.com COO Dan Chang
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Thrively  Kids Activities and Strength Assessment

Aaron Estrada 

My day at Thrively was really fun on Sunday, September 20th. We got to meet a Dan Chang who started Thrively.com.   I took an assessment on www.Thrively.com a few days before the day of the interview. It is a test that teaches you about your strengths. Maybe you should try the test too to learn about your strengths. Maybe your results will be show you 6 things about yourself. One is an overall quality and the other five are your five top strengths. My results says that I am a global thinker. It says that my top 5 strengths are morality, analytical, worldly, flexibility, and leadership. 
After the test, there are some activities and classes that are recommended on the website based on our strengths. One thing I learned from Mr. Chang is that it is important to know our strengths and then learn how to develop them and use them as best we can to excel.

Ryan Lin        

Do you ever think about what you like to do or what is your interest. Do you want to a successful sport player? But the question is how do you get there? So, we were in Pasadena at “Thrively”, a website created by Mr. Dan, and his partners. We all took the strength assessment and  try to learn about ourselves and what our strength. He said that Thrively is made for kids and it helps to find a natural unique talents. It is built for kids  to grow with like what makes you tick, happy, angry and etc.

Thrively helps finding children’s strengths and their hobbies. They help you to build your interest and they successful. Thrively help people who is lost in their interest and to build their skills. Mr. Dan told us that this website could help students, teachers, and parents. This website could also help teachers to educate their students faster.  The parent could help their children to look for good classes that they would be interested in. We had to come up with 3 to 5 questions to ask Mr. Dan. Each group has 3 people. We all had a chance to ask him all the questions. The last question was “Could you do the multitask dance” we said it all together. We all tried it and we could all do it! We had a fun time learning about Thrively! I figured out that I was more an artistic person.


Karen Shi

On August 20, 2015 all the Junior Journalists went to Glendale, California to interview Dan Chang, the COO of Thrively.com.  Thrively is a computer program designed to help kids discover their strengths and abilities. The name Thrively was created by taking the word thrive, as in `thrive to learn’, and make it into a name for a program where kids thrive. Mr. Chang believes that besides helping children discover their strengths, his program also develop a way for children to think, experience, and learn. In Thrively.com, he has created questions that children can experiment, or try out on their own, like tapping your head, rubbing your stomach, swinging your foot back and forth, while tapping the other foot.

There are also questions that need you to really stop and think. For example, one of the questions asked `If a twelve foot truck got stuck in an eleven foot tunnel, what would you do to get it out?’ This is a question that requires imagination and thinking. Mr. Chang is currently working on establishing a new version of Thrively.com by adding a section where other kids of your age, personality, and/or strength can communicate with you over the website. He says the new version may help children understand bonds between them and others, and will help kids meet new people.