Great Kids Magazines for Kids of All Ages

每到月底,小丫丫都在殷切期待在信箱裡找到屬於『她』的新雜誌的到來。讓小丫丫特別感到自豪的是,無論是小時候的 High Five 和 Net Geo Little Kids,到今天她的至愛 Discovery Girls 和 LEGO Club,每本雜誌上都會印著她的名字,幾十頁色彩繽紛的雜誌,承載著一份專屬於她的小小世界,也印證著她一點一滴的成長。



傳統觀念裡,家長們可能認為雜誌不是最好的閱讀材料 . . . 但你知道嗎?其實有許多兒童雜誌都是讓小讀者愛上閱讀的橋樑喔!



Great Kids Magazines for kids of all ages:

Many parents don’t think about magazines as being a great source of reading material for children, but libraries often have a large selection of periodicals for every age group and reading level, and for many areas of interest. And some magazines may have issues going back years…and even decades!

Preschool-HighlightsHello-170x170Highlights Hello (0-2 years)
Hello magazine for babies and toddlers delivers colorful images, age-appropriate stories, and fun activities parent and child can enjoy together.


Babybug (6 months-3 years)
Babybug is full of brightly illustrated stories and poems that are perfect for parents and grandparents to read aloud.Babybug is safe for little ones to explore on their own.

Preschool-Zoobies-170x170Zoobies (0-3 years)
Zoobies is full of animal stories, photos, and puzzles for little ones! Zoobies is written to introduce infants and toddlers to the wonderful world of reading.

Preschool-HumptyDumpty-170x170Humpty Dumpty (2-6 years)
Humpty Dumpty is filled with stories, poems, cartoons, puzzles, games, recipes and crafts that are designed with emergent readers in mind.

Preschool-HighlightsHighFive-170x170High Five (2-6 years)
High Five (from Highlights) helps you encourage your child’s development while providing opportunities for one-on-one fun together.

Preschool-LadyBug-170x170Ladybug (3-6 years)
Ladybug magazine offers enchanting stories and poems to read aloud that will spark young imaginations and develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.


Zootles (3-6 years)
Zootles encourages learning and active discovery of the animal world with amazing photos, fascinating illustrations, and charming cartoon characters.

NG Little Kids

NG Little Kids (3-6 years)
National Geographic Little Kidsfeatures captivating stories and interactive games that teach children about amazing animals, cool science, and families around the world.


Click (3-6 years)
Each issue of Click answers kids’ questions about how the world works, and takes them on a journey of discovery about the world around them, sparking a lifelong love of learning.


Chirp (3-6 years)
Chirp is designed for little hands and growing minds with colorful pages, stories, puzzles, silly jokes, engaging stories, and early-learning activities.


Clubhouse Jr. (3-7 years)
Clubhouse Jr. provides faith-filled fun for young children. You’ll love the way it reinforces biblical values and helps boys and girls explore their world.


God’s Big World (3-7 years)
God’s Big World is a rich environment for preschoolers to explore God’s creation with appealing interactive content available in multiple formats.


Rick Jr. (4-7 years)
Rick Jr. is a nature-filled magazine with all the activities, stories, crafts, cooking recipes, and wild animals that young children love.


Thomas & Friends (2-7 years)
Bring the world of Thomas the Tank Engine to life and make learning fun by developing key skills in math, reading, science and creativity.


LEGO Club (4-12 years)
LEGO Club is a free magazine for registered club members. No matter what kind of LEGO fan you are, there’s a version for you!


The Kids’ Ark (4-8 years)
The Kids’ Ark is a quarterly, full-color, interactive magazine that is full of the truth about God’s love. Kids have lots of questions, and The Kids’ Ark answers them all!


Appleseeds (6-9 years)
Appleseeds is a social studies magazine for children who are already fascinated by history. It offers well-written, fascinating, and often unexpected exploration.


Ask (6-9 years)
Designed to spark your child’s interest in arts and science, Askexplores intriguing topics such as why animals sleep, why people love music, and how the solar system was formed.


Spider (6-9 years)
The pages of Spider are filled with fun stories, poems, activities, and illustrations by famous children’s artists. Spider keeps young readers engaged and drawn into the fun of reading!


ChickaDEE (6-9 years)
Every themed issue ofChickaDEE provides interactive stories, puzzles, animal features, and science experiments to educate and entertain readers.

Elementary-JackAndJill-170x170Jack and Jill (7-10 years)
The pages of Jack and Jill are designed to spark your child’s curiosity in a wide range of topics through articles, games, and kid-centered activities.


Highlights (6-12 years)
Highlights delivers puzzles, science projects, jokes, and riddles to challenge young minds. Popular characters keep kids coming back year after year.


WorldKids (6-12 years)
WorldKids makes learning about the world fun, while furthering a child’s understanding of the Christian faith through engaging online and print content.


Zoobooks (6-12 years)
Simply written and beautifully illustrated, each issue ofZooBooks “captures” a different animal through photography, illustrations, diagrams, and more.


NG Kids (6-12 years)
National Geographic Kids is a fact-filled, fast-paced magazine filled with an award-winning combination of photos, facts, and fun.


Ranger Rick (7 and up)
Ranger Rick is packed with facts, photos, and outdoor adventures that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop an appreciation for nature.


American Girl (8 and up)
American Girl is an appropriate, entertaining, and informative alternative to more traditional teen magazines.


Clubhouse (8-12 years)
Clubhouse magazine is an intriguing and entertaining magazine that reinforces traditional values with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles, and exciting stories.


Discovery Girls (8-12 years)
Discovery Girls gives girls advice, encouragement, and inspiration. Plus, each issue is packed with girl-created content like quizzes, contests, fashion, and much more!


Stone Soup (8-13 years)
Kid-submitted stories and poems make Stone Soup unique. A longtime favorite of teachers and homeschoolers, Stone Soupinspires creativity in children.


Sports Illustrated Kids (8-14 years)
SI Kids delivers the excitement, passion, and fun of sports to kids, tweens, and young teens in an action-oriented, authentic, and interactive style.

Elementary-ChopChop-170x170ChopChop (8-14 years)
ChopChop is filled with nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse, and inexpensive recipes along with features like fun food facts, games, puzzles, and interviews.

Elementary-BoysLife-170x170Boys’ Life (9-12 years)
With great content like news, nature, sports, history, fiction, and science, Boys’ Life seeks to entertain and inspire boys to open their eyes to the joyous world of reading.


OWL(9-13 years)
Loaded with quizzes, comics, tech news, expert interviews, inventions, and more, OWLhighlights science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a fun and engaging way.

Elementary-Cricket-170x170Cricket (9-14 years)
Cricket magazine publishes only the highest quality fiction and classic literature, and nonfiction stories on culture, history, science, and the arts.

Elementary-Dig-170x170Dig (9-14 years)
Each issue of Dig is theme-related with a special 10- to 12-page section that focuses on an archaeological discovery or topics related to the issue’s theme.


Faces (9-14 years)
Faces magazine takes young readers around the world for an honest and unbiased view of how children in other regions live with articles, folk tales, recipes, and hands-on projects.


Cobblestone (9-14 years)
With stories about important American events and places,Cobblestone takes kids on a journey through history, designed to excite their imaginations and bring the past to life!


Muse (9-14 years)
Muse is perfect for readers who are interested in science, history, and the arts. Articles from award-winning authors are accompanied by high-quality illustration and photography.

Elementary-CreativeKids-170x170Creative Kids(8-16 years)
Creative Kids is the only magazine by kids and for kids. Everything in the magazine (except for the editor’s note) is written or created by kids just like yours!


WorldTeen (9-18 years)
WorldTeen is a print and online experience that engages young teens with the truth in a way that helps them pursue the kind of life God intends for them to live.