The Queen Mary’s CHILL is a Blast for the Holidays

快踏入聖誕節的月份了,也是小朋友們最開心的月份。四年前登場的冰雪銀裝的瑪麗皇后號 The Queen Mary’s CHILL 冰雕節大受歡迎,所以今年再度重臨長灘市。四位丫丫小記者一同參觀了CHILL 的開幕式,在長長的 VIP 藍地毯上訪問了好幾位名人明星,好開心喔!

四位小女生除了親身體驗的天寒地凍的冰雕世界外,大家還一起玩遍戶外溜冰場、冰滑梯、全球最大的搖搖馬、旋轉飛天椅、更加試玩最新特色遊戲「雪地射擊大戰」,想知道今年的 CHILL 有什麼好玩?立即跟上小記者的腳步來看看吧!



Our giant dome – once home to the legendary Spruce Goose – will be frozen over and transformed into a giant igloo and home to The Ice Kingdom – an awe-inspiring 13,000 sq ft walk-thru exhibit featuring larger-than-life ice creations some towering over 2.5 stories tall and made using over two million pounds of ice. But don’t forget to grab a parka and gloves – temperatures drop to a numbing 9-degrees inside the Ice Kingdom.

In addition to the enchantment of The Ice Kingdom , CHILL will also feature Ice Tubing , Ice Skating*, live music, holiday carolers and so much more.

Experience the frozen magic that will bring holiday celebration, wonderment and North Pole temperatures to families across sunny Southern California.










還專訪了Queen Mary的船長呢!


今年最新遊戲 雪地射擊大戰 POLAR PAINTBALL, 愛刺激的小朋友們一家要去試!



Red Bull 的兩個降落傘奇兵從天而降,落點好準喔!




冰滑梯有 6個賽道,可以一家大小都同時滑下去喔!

刺激的家長小朋友們,記得去中間玩旋轉千秋!美麗的風景,配上Christmas Carol歌,很有聖誕氣氛!全家總動員,還不趕快出動 GO~GO~GO!!!


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Read all about how our junior journalists write about their wonderful experience at the Queen Mary’s CHILL:

Jaslyne Tam

12278101_10153250926046914_348206019_nOn November 20th, 2015, Karen, Isabel, Evelyn and I went to Chill at the Queen Mary Long beach. It was an excellent day! We met a lot of celebrities on the blue carpet! I interviewed Jake Brennan the star of Richie Rich (netflix series). We even go to meet the Commander of  the Queen Mary ship! It was AMAZING!

We went to the GIANT ROCKING HORSE first. On the horse, it feels like you’re going to fall off!  After that, we went to the IGLOO. Inside the IGLOO we went on the Glacier Glide tubing slide. We went 5 times! After the amazing tubing fun, we went to the Ice Kingdom! Inside the Ice Kingdom, it was very cold! We heard it was only 7 degrees, or less! They give you HUGE blue parkas to wear to keep warm.  Inside, there were ICE sculptures made of 2000 pounds of ICE! All the ice sculptures are based on Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol…. READ MORE>>

Isabel Lau12244793_1094072993945681_6889585167443714670_o

You guys! You’ve got to go to the Queen Mary CHILL! It’s so cool! It’s cooler than cool! It’s CHILL! Here’s a breakdown on the events that the La JaJa Kids Junior Journalists did on Friday night at the Queen Mary CHILL Media Preview. First, Evelyn, Karen, Jaslyne, and I went to the blue carpet to see, meet, and interview our favorite stars like Aubrey Miller from JUST.ADD.MAGIC, Harvey Guillen from Eye Candy, and Zachary Haven from Airplane vs Volcano.  READ MORE >>

UntitledEvelyn Sun

Situated at Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary Chill is the annual holiday celebration that you for sure do not want to miss. You will find fun activities for the whole family including food, live holiday performances, an enchanted forest, an ice igloo, a glacier glide, polar paintball cozy cabanas and an ice-skating rink, ice-sculptures in a part of the ice-kingdom that is 7 degrees, a giant rocking horse, a swingin’ sleigh ride, and ice slides. All these places were awesome. You should come here and have fun…READ MORE>>

Karen Shi12265906_1094073547278959_9042560141785868037_o

It was a warm evening on November 20, 2015; when the autumn breeze came blowing through the crowd gathered at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This holiday season, Queen Mary has a special theme, the Chill! It’s where professional sculptors use about two million tons of ice to sculpt colorful ice statues. People come from faraway places to see the first day of this theme, including stars like Sabrina Carpenter, Olivia Holt, Brec Bassinger, and Aubrey Miller! READ MORE>>


Date: 11/20/15 – 1/10/16

Address: The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA


Experience CHILL and it’s incredible 13,000 square foot Ice Kingdom – A Christmas Carol, Ice Tubing, CHILL village and access to The World Famous Queen Mary.  Buy online and save $5 off the Box Office price.

$34.99 – Nov 23-26; Dec 1-3, 8-10, 14-17 ($39.99 day of and at the door)
$39.99 – Nov 20-22, 27-29; Dec 4-6, 11-13, 21-24, 28-31; Jan 7-10  ($44.99 day of and at the door)
$44.99 – Dec 18-20, 25-27; Jan 1-3 ($49.99 day of and at the door)

Ice Skating is available as a $15 upgrade.

Upgrade to the E.L.F (Express Lane Fast) Pass, available for an additional $15 online. Limited quantity.
Ice Skating is available as a $15 upgrade.


**Children 3 and under are free.

$24.99 – Nov 23-26; Dec 1-3, 8-10, 14-17 ($29.99 day of and at the door)
$29.99 – Nov 20-22, 27-29; Dec 4-6, 11-13, 21-24, 28-31; Jan 7-10 ($34.99 day of and at the door)
$34.99 – Dec 18-20, 25-27; Jan 1-3 ($39.99 day of and at the door)

Ice Skating is available as a $15 upgrade.



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