Golden Vision Parental Health Talk: New Challenges on Children’s Vision
20151114 eye workshop module
Detecting your child’s vision problems and correcting them early on is the best way to ensure that they thrive in school. Even if a child’s vision was normal a year ago, as children grow, their bodies and eyes change. Symptoms of vision problems in young children can be very subtle.


Learn to tackle new challenges to your child’s vision ~~ kids today are exposed to blue lights from electronics in unprecedented amount. Blue lights from smart phones, tablets, LED TVs and even lightbulbs are emitted to children for over 7 hours a day. Learn from leading eye health experts about new tactics to protect your child’s vision from these environmental damages.


Workshop Topics:
> Does my child >need ortho-K if her nearsightedness is light?
> Atropine or Ortho-K? which one suits my kid better?
> Can eye exercise and outdoor sports really protect vision?
> What are blue light and how does it hurt your vision
> Blue light’s risks for health damages: dry eyes, retina damage, sleep disorders, ADHD
> Smart ways to help your child establish good computer habits
> Try on a pair of BluTech filter lenses for free
> Free eye check up for children (appointements required)

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