Are Our Kids Tough Enough in Chinese School ~~ a BBC Documentry

(Source : BBC official website screenshot )

Many people think that our generation of children fortunate than before, because the parents can give kids more capable of the best education. How can children opportunities to study abroad, and some even can immigrate to the US life. But sometimes when the cultural differences, we can and how to face it? British BBC documentary have whole Chinese teaching experiment of four weeks in a row. Last week’s episode mentioned, because the level of mathematics and science students than Chinese students English is poor, therefore the principal decided to allow British students to try Chinese teaching. Chinese teachers try to use in the classroom teaching Chinese to apply strictly the British student, initially not much of a problem, but then it was chaos. Episode more into the very tense situation.

Episode 1:

Teacher of documentary “Chinese School” talks about her experience in England

~~ Ms. Li Ai Yun