18 Years of Childhood without One Doctor Appointment Needed

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【好文推介】父母並沒有寵溺這些孩子,反而讓他們接觸家務及各種任務,像卸下聖誕燈飾等等。他們有著跟平常人一樣的生活煩惱,可他們卻很為自己的健康而感到驕傲。吃藥、看病、體檢,對他們來講有一種莫名的陌生感。那為什麼這三個孩子可以在18年度童年裡活得這麼健康,從不需要看醫生呢?看看著名博客網站 100 Hours Outside 的兩位媽媽怎麼說?


I am starting this post by reiterating that we are a family that does not have it all together.  I could give numerous examples of how we are consistently treading water when it comes to parenting, housework, and the like.  The only example I really need to give is that yesterday we took down our outside Christmas decorations.  Yesterday was April 12th.


credit to: http://www.mike-buss.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/HealthyKids.jpgWe have not figured out life.  We have not figured out how to stay on top of meal plans, chore charts, the allowance box, and sibling rivalries.   But we have this one seemingly strange thing going on over here that is worth mentioning.  We have 18 years of childhood represented in our household.  Our oldest is going on seven; our second is five and a half, our third and fourth just turned four and two, respectively.  Within these 18 years of childhood, we have never had to make a single doctor’s appointment. Not one.  No one has ever needed a prescription, an antibiotic, or even a check-up for something that seemed serious.


I say all this not to point out some amazingness about our family.  We are not paleo.  We try and “eat clean” but have had our fair share of Hot N’ Ready Pizzas and Nutella.  Our home is not an oasis of stress-free living.  The kids fight.  Me and my husband are often on different pages.  We have two televisions.  Sometimes we use Clorox wipes.


credit to: http://theartofsimple.net/wp-content/uploads/sept08/kids_chores.jpgThe unique and extremely simple piece about our family that is different from many others is simply the amount of time we spend outside.  The longer I live the more I am convinced that we were not made to dwell indoors as much as we do.  This is what those who have jumped in to the Tiny House Movement are finding as well.  As our homes have become larger and more luxurious, there is this underlying bent toward spending a majority of our time in the comfort of our house.  Yet research piece after research piece screams out the benefits of time outside that pertain to health and vitality.


credit to: http://cdn.kidspot.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/kids-housework-600x420.jpgI may be totally off here.  Certainly this is purely anecdotal.  I have no research study that says “If you spend 1,000 Hours Outside within a year’s time frame” your children will stay healthy.  Additionally, I do not want to be flippant about very real health concerns many families face.  Not everything can be cured by a simple dose of sunshine – I get that.  But I would be remiss not to share about the 6,500+ days of life that have passed pretty uneventfully in our family as it relates to childhood health. At the very least, this is some food for thought.

Have you found a link between time outside and overall health?




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