Junior Journalists Present: PBS SoCaL Studio Tour

還記得我們上星期的活動預告嗎? 這星期三,丫丫小記者去參觀了南加州公立電視攝影棚。小記者們看到了電視攝影棚裡的現場實況,更由PBS SoCaL的職員們Alison和Christine親自為他講解攝影棚裡的設施。快來看看他們有什麼特別的經歷!

Jaslyne QQ, Age 9

At PBS SoCal, we met our tour guides. Their names were Kristine and Allison. They showed the whole entire 1st floor to us. Did you know that the green room inside PBS SoCal actually has a Dressing Room and Makeup table? We then got to tour the actual studio where they shoot 2 of their adult shows! Did you also know that the cameras have glass panes that are on the cameras have the lines on them so the actors or actresses know what to say while they are still looking at camera?! There are hundreds of lights in the studio,just to have the actors or actresses be seen by the camera. At PBS SoCal, only 65 people work there. That is medium sized compared to other businesses…READ MORE >>




Hi! I’m Angeline. I’m a junior journalist for La JaJa Kids. A place where children can do many exciting and interesting things. I like to do many things such as sports, most typically basketball, I also like to sing, dance, play piano and violin. I have many other hobbies, but now is PBS time!…READ MORE>>

Aaron, Age 9

I went on a tour of the first floor of the PBS SoCal Studio in Costa Mesa with a group of Lajajakids junior journalists on Wednesday, August 19th. I had a fun day at PBS SoCal. It was really fun and awesome. 

Christine and Alison are very friendly people who gave us the tour.  Alison is an education associate and Christine is a community engagement person for PBS SoCal…READ MORE>>


Nay Nay Kirby, Age 13

I took an awesome tour of the PBS SoCal studio in Costa Mesa California on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 with my fellow junior journalists from La JaJa Kids. When I first arrived, we parked in the parking garage, grabbed my notebook and pencil, then headed to the beautiful and tall, PBS Socal building….READ MORE>

Kyran Lin, Age 8

We took a tour at PBS studio. Ms. Alison and Christine were show us around. The first room we went was the control room. The second room is the makeup room and the waiting room. The waiting room is a place where people or actors wait for their turn. The makeup room is a place the actors and people to put the make up on so they could look good on TV. The next room is the sound control room…READ MORE>>

Ryan Lin, Age 11

         Since I was little I loved Curious George and Sesame Street. This is a great opportunity for me to visit the PBS SoCal station at Costa Mesa California. PBS SoCal is a public station where people could go tour and volunteer.  They are a Non-profit organization.There are about 65 people work at the station. They make interview only in small cities. Our tour guides were Ms. Alison Dorff and Ms. Christine Z… READ MORE>>


Anthony Zhang, Age 8

On August 19, 2015, I visited PBS SoCal studio Located at Costa Mesa as a junior journalist of LajajaKids. At about 2:30 pm, I arrived at the parking lot. Then I arrived at the front Entrance. Then when the host arrived, I went inside and saw Elmo in the waiting room…READ MORE>>



Isabel Lau, Age 10

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 I went to PBS SoCal  studio tour. It was located at 3080 Bristol st.  Costa Mesa, CA 92626, The building was huge! In front of the building were a couple of fountains. Overall, the scenery was very appealing. When we went inside, we turned right. We met up with our tour guides named Christine and Allison…READ MORE>>

Karen Shi, Age 10

On a sunny August 19, 2015, I went to the PBS SoCal production building, located in Costa Mesa, California along with other Junior Journalists. Two members of the crew in PBs gave us a tour of the main production rooms in their building…READ MORE>>



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