Interview by Madeline Schmidt (10)

 Queen Mary’s CHILL Media Launch Party

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  Coverage by Madeline Schmidt  (10 years old) 






On Friday, November 16th, I attended the VIP Launch Party for the Queen Mary’s CHILL, in Long Beach, California.  This was the opening night for CHILL.  It is an amazing winter ice kingdom.    CHILLwill be open for the holidays and has ice sculptures, an ice skating rink, ice tubing, holiday shops and lots to see and do.  It is beautifully decorated and is a great place to visit for kids.    

There were two skydivers who jumped out of a plane and landed on the ice skating rink and had sparklers on their shoes. There were penguins from the Aquarium of the Pacific.  The penguins were so cute! 

The stars from the A.N.T. Farm tv show were there for the special ribbon cutting and party.  Meeting the stars was the most exciting part of the party for me.  I met Sierra McCormick, Aiden Mincks, and Allie DeBerry.  They were all really nice and were enjoying the event with their families.


There is a freezer room that is kept at 7 degrees to help keep the ice sculptures cold.  Special Blue jackets were given to us to wear so we could visit the ice sculpture room.  My favorite ice sculpture was one of a unicorn pulling a carriage. 

I had an amazing time at CHILL! The food tasted great, the skating was fun and I plan to come back soon because I want to do the ice tubing and it was such a wonderful time!


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