【CASTING CALL】大型電視廣告招募華裔及亞裔人士演出
  • 貌似 70 歲華裔男性,扮演「爺爺」角色
  • 貌似 20-30 歲韓裔男
  • 貌似 20-30 歲華裔女性
  • 貌似 20-30 歲日本裔男性及女性
洛杉磯試鏡日期:1/17, 18, 19 (Pasadena / Santa Monica)
拍攝日期:一月底 (1/29 – 1/31 期間)
· 將你的近照(手機照亦可,size 不可超過3MB)以及聯絡電話電郵至:
· 我們將以電郵與你預約試鏡時間和地點
· 注意:參加拍攝者必須具有在美國合法工作身份
Asian male who can portray Chinese grandfather, who can play in 70’s
  • Asian male who can portray Korean man who looks bet 20-30 yrs old
  • Asian female who can portray Chinese woman who looks 20-30 yrs old
  • Asian male/female who can portray Japanese couple who looks 20-30 yrs old
Product: Major electronics company
Usage: SAG production: TV spot, internet, foreign use
Shooting: end of January (sometime between 1/29 – 1/31)
Audition: 1/17, 18, 19  (Pasadena and Santa Monica locations)
Final audition: 1/21
Rate: One scale/day (scale is based on Screen Actor’s Guild) plus usage fee at SAG scale if he/she is used in final cut.
How to apply:
Please send your headshot (snap shot is OK) along with contact number and e-mail address to:
Shooting if he/she is hired: one day between 1/29 and 1/31
We can only hire people who can legally work in US with valid working visa
Disclaimer: La JaJa Kids is not affiliated with the production team. Our job in this project is to post and announce this casting notice,we are not responsible for the result of the audition or production project.