2020 Rose Parade: a Junior Journalist Report


第 131 屆 Pasadena 玫瑰花車大遊行在 2020 年元旦隆重登場。長達 5.5 英里的遊行有 39 輛以鮮花裝點的花車、有來自世界和美國各地學校的樂隊、還有搞笑隊伍和名人出席,不僅熱鬧繽紛,更代表了美國的文化意涵。

今年你有到現場看花車巡遊?還是在結束後到附近公園近距離看花車?La JaJa Kids 丫丫小記者團隊每年都不會缺席玫瑰花車巡遊,今年的小記者 Phoebe, Chloe, Yilin & Lexie 現場直擊報導,讓你有如身歷其境,一起來看看她們的介紹 . . .

之前兩位小記者參觀並報導的華航花車驚艷登場,以「築夢飛翔Dreams of Flying, Wings of Hope」為主題,運用音樂盒為設計基底,勾勒出臺北101、臺灣藍鵲及小籠包等獨一無二的特色文化,成功吸引大家眼球,也因此再度得到國際首奬!

Junior Journalists: Phoebe Zhang, Chloe Liu, Lexie Hsieh, Yilin Yao

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Phoebe Zhang , Age 10

Today, we went to the Pasadena Rose Parade to see many fascinating floats. This year’s theme is “The Power of Hope” and is also  the 131st tournsment in the Rose parade. This year’s theme brings in the song “Power of Hope”. This song is produced and written by the legendary producer and the 19th time GRAMMY award winner, Emilio Estefan. The one and only sultry voiced singer Ally Brooke sang this song. Ally Brooke is from the girl group, Fifth Harmony and most recently a finalist on ABC’s Dancing with the stars.
After months and months of excruciating hard work on making these floats and to get this parade to go through  smoothly, the rose floats is finally taking action in Pasadena for the 2020 Rose Parade. Many of the floats were driven by drivers who navigated where the floats should go by peering through a small hidden window somewhere on the float. People on the floats were waving at us, with full enthusiastic emotions. While the the atmosphere was filled with cheering, buzzing, clapping and other actions of people. The air was really cold, but I guess the excited people that was there seem to not really care because the show was really worth it. 2020 has finally arrived!
In the parade, there was so much to see. There were bands followed by another and another and they were so neat and together that it just looked like one person in my view, color guards followed by the band, groups of horses with individual people on them and they came from all over the nation, and way more. There were many activities going on but in my opinion, I think the most memorable part would probably be the horses the most because besides the fact that all the horses were “dressed up” in many pretty designs, and that they also had mini ponies which were so little, it would probably be as big as a dog, but also partly due to the fact that what they left behind for the cleaners to pick up on the street gave off an unpleasant smell. Rather than that, it was the worth it because the horses and ponies were well trained,  groomed, and well tamed.
Although, the other events were as fascinating as the others, the floats were the focus point of this parade. My favorite float of this parade was the 2020 Royal Court. There were 6 people wearing a brownish golden dress sitting at the edge of the float, waving politely while a “queen” is in the middle wearing a white dress with a crown, sitting in the middle, waving too. The 6 people that were on the side was Cole Fox, Michael Wilkins, Emilie Risha, Reese Rosental Saporito, Rukan Saif, and Mia Thorson. The one and only “queen” that sits in the middle is Rose Queen Camille Kennedy. In my opinion, this is one of the prettiest sights/floats in this parade.
After the fascinating floats, the bands came behind them after them. These are the bands: Aguiluchos Marching Band from Puebla, Mexico/Alhambra Unified School District Marching Band from Alhambra/ Baldwinsville Marching Bees from Baldwinsville, N.Y./ Banda El Salvador: Grande Come Su Gente from Antiguo, Cuscatlan, El Salvador/ Banda Municipal  Zarcero from Zarcero, Alajuela, Costa Rica/ Centenaria Banda Colegial from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico/ Dobyns-Bennet High school Marching Band from Kingsport, Tenn./ Greendale Highschool Marching Band fork Greendale, Wis./ Helsingør Pigegarde (Elsinore Girls Marching Band) from Hornbæk, Denmark/ Japan Honor Green Band from Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan/ Kamehameha Warrior Marching Band and Color Guard from Honolulu, Hawaii/ LAUSD All District High School Honor Band from Los Angeles/ Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Herald Trumpets from Pasadena/
Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band from Pasadena/ Pearland High School Band from Pearland, Texas/ Rancho Verde Crimson Regiment from Moreno Valley/ Southern University Marching Band from Baton Rouge, La./ The PRIDE of Owasso from Owasso, Okla./ Salvation Army Tournament of Roses Band from Long Beach/ United States Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band from San Diego/ West Harrison Hurricane Band from Gulfport, Miss. These bands might have worked really hard to make it perfect.
Wow! There is actually really much to talk about, but if you are coming next year, I shouldn’t spoil much. If you didn’t come this, I highly recommend coming here next year. (Tip if you are coming: you might want to purchase your parking permits beforehand but if you don’t want to do that, you might want to come there earlier so tbag you can get parking spots and to get a a good seat in the parade to get a good view). It is a fun and exciting experience for people all ages. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAVE A GOOD 2020(year)!

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Yilin Yao

After months of planning and creating floats, the Rose Parade is finally ready to be seen. Everyone has gathered around Pasadena while they waited for the parade to begin. As the floats passes by, there was always cheering and clapping from the audience. because every individual float features an unique design. Everyone was so excited they didn’t even mind the cold weather. Let’s all welcome 2020!
There was so many highlights through out the parade. First, there were the marching bands, people riding on horses with different outfits, and followed by the beautiful floats from all over the country, such as the football float of the University of Oregon. There were so many things going on, but one of my favorites was the ponies and horses. They are so beautiful and well tamed, and I love the fact that there was a group of people that always cleans after them.
Even though many other things were taking place during the parade, the main focus point was still on the floats. My favorite float was the Hope for the Homeless because it was very colorful and simple. Most importantly it stood for a beautiful cause, it shows the goodness in people and how everyone should care for homeless people.
China airline’s float, Dreams of Flying, Wings of Hope, was another one of my favorites. I like this float because it looks super cute and it includes some of the main contents in Taiwan. For example, it includes a plane that says china airline, dumplings, green tea, and the Taipei 101 building. There are also China airline stewardess stands on the float waving at the crowds.
Ever float is usually followed by a marching band. All of the band sounded great, but the Japan Honor Green Band stood out to me the most. The people danced while playing music, and they’re from all over Japan, so they never had a chance to practice together. That must have been hard and it must have taken a lot of skills. I fancied watching their performance.
The more I thought about the show, the more I appreciate the amount of work, effort, and time these volunteers and workers had put in. This whole event felt like a gigantic family of different cultures gathering together and celebrating the New Year. If you didn’t come to this year’s Rose Parade, I extremely suggest coming to the next year because you will have so much fun. It was a great event, and I enjoyed it a lot. Have a great 2020 year everyone!

Chloe Liu,Age 11

After 60 people working 10 hours a day for 10 days, they finally finished a float for the rose parade. These floats are decorated with flowers from all over the world! After all this hard work and all the shipping, the floats are ready to take action in Pasadena! A lot of floats were navigated by someone but some floats weren’t navigated, they were moving by themselves! When the floats came by people everybody started yelling and screaming because they were excited for the other floats. Since the rose parade’s are crowded with people, a lot of people from different cities or even from different countries go there the night before the rose parade. They bring blankets and food because they are staying for the night.
This year’s theme is the power of hope. There was a float from the Shriners Hospital for children.The floats were very pretty! They described a lot about hope, that is why this year’s theme is the power of hope! The floats in the rose parade represents the holiday ” New Year’s.”  The colors, shapes, and sizes were all different. None of the float were alike because everybody has their own thoughts and imagination. The rose parade showed 39 floats, 20 marching bands,17 equestrian units, 450 horses, and of course the royal court and the 102nd Rose queen, Camille Kennedy!
Although the other events were super good I liked the floats the best! I liked all of them. If I had to choose 1 it would be very hard because I liked all of them. But if I had to it would be the Wizard of Oz from Kaiser Permanete. I like this float the best because it had a lot of decorations and flowers, and I think this float showed a lot of hope in it, because in the movie, Dorothy was sent to another place and had to find the way home. This meant that even if you are lost you can always find a way back to the place you belong.
After the floats pass by, there is usually always a band followed. In my personal opinion, I liked the music the band played because it sounded very on time and good. None of them messed up, because I didn’t see any one mess up. Overall I think the band was pretty good. But sometimes when it was at the band area it started getting crowded and the parade had to stop for like 30 seconds-3 minutes. I would start getting bored. But then when it started to move again, I grew excited again.
This year’s parade was super fun and exciting to watch! I liked everything in the parade especially the floats! If you were able to make a float this year with the theme, ” Power of Hope,” what type of float would you make? What type of hope would you show to people who need a little happiness and hope in their lives? Encouraging hope/ good hope to help with their problems or bad hope/ giving people hope just to make them a little bit happier but turns out to be something you don’t care about? Think about this, and ask yourself what type of hope should I show others? Good hope or bad hope? Happy 2020, everyone!

Lexie Hsieh, Age 10

          Yay! Are you excited for this new decade, cause I am! I went to the Rose Bowl Parade for the new year which is 2020! We saw a lot of floats, bands, horses, people who danced (mostly with flags), horse carriages, and a few more fascinating things. Personally, my favorites are the floats passing by with pretty flowers on the beautiful masterpiece and the decorated horses that is well groomed and tamed… except when they poop, gross! All the designs were excellent especially the floats and the costumes. There was a lot of hard work on everything this new year. I highly recommend you to go to the rose bowl parade next year if you didn’t this year but most importantly, Happy New Year and stay healthy!