Our Story

la JaJa Kids was founded in 2010 in Southern California by two moms sharing one belief that parenting can be simple –- by creating an enriched family and social environment, children can blossom like flowers in spring.

JaJa (“ya-ya”) is named after our two youngest children – – Jadon and Jaslyne.  Every day we are inspired by their innocence and creativity.  In this spirit, we offer products for children and parents with the tagline “for blossoming childhood,” celebrating childhood in its purest and most delightful state.

At la JaJa Kids, we believe creativity and style should not come with a lofty price tag.  That’s why we search the globe tirelessly for unique children toys and moms gears and bring them to you at affordable prices.

Today, La JaJa Kids is the first-of-its-kind online community serving Chinese-American parents in SoCal with a wide array of products and services, including family event calendar, junior journalist, educational seminars, quality toys and products, fun gatherings, Chinese storytime, manners classes, cultural workshops, casting and modeling news, and many more!

About Us


Like all parents, Annie’s life is constantly surrounded by tedious routine tasks for serving her kids. She hopes to share every bit of joy and wonder with other parents in JaJa’s world.  Most importantly, she wants to remind all parents that no matter how busy life can get, the most precious gift that we can ever give to our children is our love, our care and quality time with them.

Annie truly wishes all children grow and develop at an early age so that they are better prepared for a lifelong of endeavors and accomplishments.  And, she wishes that every mom and dad can find joy in the simple things in life

May we all live a better, more meaningful and fulfilling life.


Growing up in Hong Kong, Anne inherited a diverse cultural background from her parents, and absorbed the languages, arts and cultures through their inspiration.  She is now focused on raising her two kids to embrace their Chinese heritage and culture.

Anne left for California to pursue her academic dreams, and spent a decade in San Francisco in marketing communication and e-banking fields, before returning to Southern California to build a family. Now she juggles the roles of entrepreneur, wife, mother and daughter, and feels lucky when she doesn’t drop the ball too often.

When not working at la JaJa Kids, Anne enjoys spending her leisure time with her family seeking out delicious foods, hidden hiking trails and exotic travel spots.