Exploring Your Universe: UCLA Family Science Day


Exploring Your Universe (EYU) is an annual science outreach day held on the UCLA campus, filled with exciting science demos, fun activities, and interesting talks. EYU has family-friendly activities that provide a wonderful look into real science for all ages, “from K through Gray”!

With wide involvement from students, staff and faculty, EYU has quickly become the main science outreach event at the university. In addition to hands-on demonstrations and experiments, there is a lecture series, a planetarium show, a physics show, and access to rare fossils and UCLA’s world-class meteorite collection – this event truly has something fun for everyone!


The event will include nighttime activities such as telescope observing in the evening after the rest of the exhibits close. Stay tuned for more detailed information about this year’s exhibits!

Exploring Your Universe: UCLA Family Science Day

Date: Sunday, November 6

Time: 12 – 5 pm + night activities 5 – 8pm

Location: UCLA Campus: Court of Sciences & Kinsey Pavilion

Admission: Free

Parking: $12

Website: http://eyu.astro.ucla.edu


> planetarium shows

> faculty & student lectures

> fossil & meteorite displays

> comet making

> bottle rockets

> telescope viewings

> weather tours

> physics demos

> earthquakes & much more!!!




Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences












Explorer Series (Younger Audience)

12:30 pm – 5:00 pm @ Kinsey Pavilion 1200

12:30 pm Mariano Loza-Coll ~ Fruit flies: Teeny-tiny giants teaching us about stem cells

1:15 pm Hilary Godwin ~ How to stay happy in a hotter, drier Los Angeles

2:00 pm Richard Kaner ~ Fun with plastics

2:45 pm Zachary Ballard & Hatice Koydemir ~ Can your cell-phone see cells? 

3:30 pm Steven Clarke ~ Diet, aging, and health — who to trust?

4:15 pm Andrea Ghez ~ Monster of the Milky Way

Voyager Series (Older Audience)

12:30 pm – 5:00 pm @ Kinsey Pavilion 1220

12:30 pm Jennifer Ouellette ~ Dangerous curves: How I learned to stop worrying love calculus

1:15 pm Hamed Mirzaei ~ From rocks to humans: What it really means to be alive!

2:00 pm Tracy Johnson ~ Understanding how the cell works, one molecule at a time

2:45 pm Jean-Luc Margot ~ Life in the universe

3:30 pm Breann Sitarski ~ G-STARs: Ground and Space Telescopes for Astronomical Research

4:15 pm Ashwin Vasavada ~ Exploring Mars with NASA’s Curiosity rover