Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates “Year of the Monkey” Festivities



丫丫為你介紹一個特別的好去處~~ Universal Studios Hollywood 好萊塢環球影城將於 1/30 -2/14 期間陪大家一同送羊迎猴!

Universal Studios Hollywood marks Lunar New Year and the “Year of the Monkey” with a traditional celebratory event featuring Shenzhen performances, Asian-inspired food, thematic décor and a special Mandarin-speaking MEGATRON character from the park’s popular thrill ride, “Transformers™:  The Ride-3D.” The special Lunar New Year celebration begins on Saturday, January 30 and continues through Sunday, February 14, 2016.



整個Universal Plaza 都會呈現新春的歡樂氣氛,廣場中心區除了有漂亮的桃花拱門和中國燈籠讓你拍照停不下來,還有十二生肖和福祿壽巨型牌匾,和一座大型許願樹,讓你許下新春願望,來年過得更幸福!

Lunar New Year comes to life within Universal Plaza, a grand courtyard situated at the heart of the theme park, where guests will be ushered in to celebrate the “Year of the Monkey” under a curtain of customary red Chinese lanterns and a stunning plum blossom arch.  The polygon-shaped piazza will also display a dozen lampposts each featuring banners of the twelve zodiac animal signs along with three symbolic attributes.


而今年最別具特色的活動,一定是在 3D Transformer 機動遊戲區可以看到獨一無二會講中文的 Megatron 機器人,足足十二尺高呢,小朋友們一定最開心!

A highlight of the time-honored tradition will feature the annual appearance of a Mandarin-speaking MEGATRON who will engage guests in conversation characteristic of his DECEPTICON TRANSFORMER’s persona.  MEGATRON – an ominous 12-foot-tall figure – is one of the stars of Universal Studios Hollywood’s award-winning thrill ride, “Transformers: The Ride-3D” designed to immerse guests in the 3D action-packed robotic world of the TRANSFORMERS.


在 2月 13日(星期六),還會有來自深圳的「中華文化五洲行藝術團」在現場落力演出,為大家帶來舞蹈、民謠、雜技、戲曲等傳統中華文化匯演,帶出新春節日的熱鬧。

Unique to this year’s Lunar New Year celebration, Universal Studios Hollywood will welcome an exciting Shenzhen performance. “The Five Continents Arts Troupe” from Shenzhen, China entertainment will take place periodically throughout the afternoon for one day only on Saturday, February 13.

Curious George at Lunar New Year 2016

可愛的卡通猴子 Curious George 將穿著傳統新年服裝和大家合照,還有各種亞州美食讓現場人士享用呢!

In honor of this multi-cultural celebration, favorite Universal character, Curious George will dress in festive attire to meet guests and take photos in front of a traditional Chinese gong.  Asian-inspired treats along with customary music resonating throughout the Plaza will help commemorate another memorable Lunar New Year.

Year-round, Universal Studios Hollywood’s signature Studio Tour offers guests a revealing look at an authentic movie and television studio in select languages, including Mandarin.  Expertly-trained Mandarin-speaking guides provide insight into the world of movie-making magic as guests enjoy a front row seat and behind-the-scenes access to one of the largest film studios in the world.  The theme park also provides in-language park maps.

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