Photobooth Album is LIVE!
kidsfest_photobooth_89 kidsfest_photobooth_75  kidsfest_photobooth_3
The photobooth album is live (!
  1. You need to have your yahoo account and sign-in before you are able to download using the standard left click (on PC, Chromebox or Mac) on the download button then select the resolution you want, “left” click again for the JPEG download to start.
  2. But even without a yahoo account, you can still “right” click on the resolution you want, then Flickr actually allows you to save the link to the JPEG file.
  3. For an iPhone, it is even easier, in Safari or Chrome or any browser, click or write the url then the album page comes up with the photo gallery. Tap on any thumbnail to select, the image will come up with all its detailed infos. Tap and hold the image, options will come up for either save image (to camera roll) or copy (to clipboard). Or easier yet, just tap and hold on the particular thumbnail in the album page, then options came up including same save or copy command.
 Voila, enjoy your photos!