Sound of Music 音樂劇綵排專訪 ~~ 小記者訪問 MorningStar劇團導師及小演員
你們準備好了嗎?還有一星期,音樂之聲 /真善美 /仙樂飄飄這個家傳戶曉的經典故事將在2月26-27日在橙縣著名的音樂劇院 Segerstrom Center for the Arts 由東區唯一一家少年兒童音樂劇團 MorningStar Performing Arts 演出的 Sound of Music 上演!
三位小記者 Aaron 、Karen 和 Isabel 專程採訪了劇團的創辦人 和幾位年輕的表演者, 一起互動,還有學習唱上幾句 The Sound of Music 的經典歌曲喔!
《音樂之聲 /真善美 /仙樂飄飄》敘述了奧地利阿爾卑斯山上修道院裡的一位實習修女 Maria 到 von Trapp 家擔任教職,贏得孩童們的心,與單身男主人相愛、結婚並組家庭樂隊,最後逃離納粹魔掌的感人故事。The Sound of Music 最初以音樂劇形式於百老匯上演,之後被改編電影,位居北美影史票房第三名,同時也是史上最賣座的歌舞片!劇中眾多名曲傳唱至世界各地,至今仍然被傳誦和愛戴。


Isabel Lau

   The Sound Of Music is one of my Favorite Things! On February 13, The La jaja kids crew (Karen, Aaron, and I) went to the Morningstar Studios in Chino for an exclusive interview. They are currently performing The Sound Of Music musical. We went there just in time to catch the actors on their rehearsals and even got a chance to participate for a run in one of the scenes. And let me tell you, it’s loads of fun. Karen and I got to try to dancing to Favorite Things.  We can’t wait for their show! I wonder how do they perform their version of The Sound Of Music.

    The Sound Of Music made its first debut on November 16, 1959. The story is set in Pre WWII Germany.  A woman named Maria who will be the governess of a large family of seven children helps their widowed father (Captain Von Trappe) take care of them. The oldest of the children, Liesl, falls in love with Rolf, a messenger. Maria eventually falls in love with the widowed Captain Von Trappe. They get married and secretly flee Austria because they do not wish to join the Nazis. 

    We watched the cast perform some musical numbers from The Sound Of Music such as Do Re Mi, Favorite Things, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, and much more. They were amazing.(BTW, I am a huge Sound Of Music fan.)

    After that, we got to do interviews with a few of the cast members. I got to interview Hunter who is playing Rolf. He is a boy actor and hopes to become a professional performer when he grows up. He loves being onstage.

    That was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. If you are interested, go to Morningstar Studio in Chino.



I had a lot of fun at Morning Star Performing Arts, because we got to sing and dance. At Morning Star Performing Arts students learn to sing, dance, and act for performances. Before the interview, they were practicing for their Sound of Music performance. They practiced lots of songs and we did some exercises. My favorite song was do-re-mi. Lajajakids jr. journalist also got to learn with the performers. It was pretty fun and cool to join the practice performance.  There’s acting, which I like to act sometimes for school performances.

Then after we did the interview. I got to interview one of the leading performers and  Isabel and Karen interviewed the others. One question I asked is what do you like about this? She said she likes the performing aspect of it, because they get to play different roles.  Another question I asked was how long does it take to set up the performance? She said about five to six months. One other question I asked was what is your favorite role to play? She said she likes to play characters that are outgoing and fun.  I think that she was really really amazing with her role for the Sound of Music. She has a very beautiful voice. Their performance will be coming soon. They will be performing at Segerstrom Center for the Arts on February 26th and 27th.

I had a lot of fun at participating at Morning Star Performing Arts. The instructor Ms. Suzanne was a great and nice leader and teacher. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I enjoyed being seeing the practice sound of music performance and also enjoyed the students acting. My favorite part is the acting. Since I act out skits at school. That is why I enjoyed Sound of Music. Thank you also to Lajajakids for inviting me to have fun and to interview the stars.

Karen Shi


 On February 13, 2016,  I went to the Morningstar Studio in Chino Hills, California with my friends, the Junior Journalists. We were there to learn about musical theater acting and the musical The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music is a musical about a young woman hired to tutor the von Trapp children, and instead, she teaches them about the wonderful world of music. At the Morningstar Studio, the students reenacted the whole musical.

The classroom was located inside of a medium-sized gymnasium with many sets of exercise equipment. The students of Morningstar put on their jazz shoes as soon as they sat down on the wooden floors of the room. The teacher, Susanne, started off the lesson by having everyone do vocal warm-ups, meaning sing scales (do re mi fa sol la ti do). Then the rehearsal began. The students sang beautifully! I especially loved the voice of the student playing Leisle’s role in the musical. It was so bright and clear, and sounded like. There were also two male students, but the rest were girls. We sang and dance to many song, like “Favorite Things” and “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria.” The fun continued when the Junior Journalists interviewed the students.

One of the actors, a girl who played both Maxine and a nun, told me she loved musical theater performance because she loved to sing and dance. However, she also said she learned through acting that she was a wimp. I assured her that she was not, or she would have quit by now. She was really good at singing, and she a really fun to be around. Acting seemed really important to all the kids at Morningstar.

Then it was time to leave. I learned a lot it in this experience and hope to come to Morningstar Studios again.

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Date: February 26 at 8:00 pm, February 27 at 2:00 and 6:00 pm

Location: Samueli Theater, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

General Admission: $15

For More Info:



《丫丫有禮》送出兩套各 4 張精彩音樂之聲音樂劇門票 ,有獎問答環節會抽出兩位幸運家庭。請將以下問題的答案郵寄到

1) MorningStar 的音樂之聲音樂劇將會在何時舉行?

a) 2/14-15          b) 2/26-27                    c) 3/13-14

2) 音樂之聲裡的音樂是誰創作的?

a) RICHARD RODGERS                           b) OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II                          c) TOM BRIGGS

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MorningStar 少年音樂劇團的演藝課程與別不同,我們的學生們經常在世界級專業劇院演出和南加州不同的地方巡迴演出,所有演出的音響和燈光技術員均來自百老匯專業團隊。
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