Junior Journalist: Aaron

Aaron, Age 9

Lajajakids meets 8sian Media for Jr. Journalist’s TV Anchor Workshop
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Today is October 4th and we shall be introduced to the world of videography in a new world of TV marketing. 8sian Media is a business in Arcadia that helps clients to set up and manage TV advertising and shows in restaurants, offices, and businesses where there is high traffic.  8sian Media reaches over 600 million smartphone users and 500 million online video users. They have about 3 million viewers per month. That is a large number. 

At 8sian media, we got to learn how to act, model, film, manage and edit a TV anchor clip. We also got to see Adam, the Vice President, of 8sian Media. He showed us a some TV screens of how advertisements and shows would be played in 60 minute loops at different locations. 8sian Media is currently in New York, San Francisco and in California. They are going to also be in Chicago and expanding soon.

All Jr. Journalist got to learn how to create a TV anchor video from start to finish. Each one of us got to play roles such as the camera person and the floor manager. I liked being the floor manager. There were also bright lights and it was a nice studio. Then after we did the editing on the computer. We got to edit the video and the background. We also got to edit our name in the background. Then we did our final editing and the video was done. The staff at 8sian Media were so nice and helpful. I like all of them very much. Mr. Adam is very kind.

Then finally we received a surprise certificate for the Jr. Journalist’s TV Anchor workshop. My day at 8sian media was fun. My favorite part was the editing, because I like editing things a lot. I hope one day you can learn about 8sian media too and see what it is about.

Thank you so much to 8sian Media and to Lajajakids.com for such a cool tour, interview and workshop.
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Legoland’s Brick-or-Treat Party Nights Blogger Experience

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Celebrating the Halloween season with Legos at Legoland’s Brick-or-Treat Party Nights 

I never thought that so many Legos could have so much fun celebrating Halloweeeeen together. It was so much fun. Today, Jessie and I went to celebrate Legoland’s 2015 launch of Brick-or-Treat at a special media event for bloggers. So the Legos got all dressed up, and I got to see my favorite characters at 2015 Brick-or Treat’s party night. We also received free candy and Legos which is basically epic. 

So at Brick-or-Treat, I got to see a funny story telling skit with lots of Halloween props.  We asked questions about Legoland’s Brick-or-Treat party and Legoland’s Journalist Ambassador program, and interviewed a media relations person named Vanessa. She said if she were to dress up as a Lego, she would be a Ninjago. Ninjago is coming to Legoland next year. She was so excited and I am too to see Ninjago at Legoland in 2016. I can’t wait for that! After my Lajajakids Jr. Journalist assignment was done, my mom and I got to go on roller coasters and to join in on some celebration at the Brick-or-Treat night party. We also got to see Halloween Legoland’s Sealife. My favorite was the Technics Test Track roller coaster. The speed and dip was awesome on the ride! 

And why should people go to Bricks-or-Treat? Well, you can do lots of things like go on rides, see Legos and kids dressed up for Halloween, concerts, and trick or treat for candy and Legos! Where else can we get Legos for Halloween? They also have really pretty lights and hot chocolate at night.  You should also go, because there are lots of Legos like Starwars, Lego friends, Duplo, castle, and much more you can experience! It is really fun. I would recommend to bring a friend along to so it could be more fun and go dress up I your favorite Halloween costume. I would also recommend to go on Coastersaurus the ride. That is a good roller coaster ride to go on because it was fast but not too scary.  Also maybe play some games and maybe you can win!

Finally, to set up Brick-or-Treat, it took one month. They need master builders to set up everything (that sounds like the Lego movie). Anyway back to final, Legoland was really fun and awesome. Some day you should go. Everything there is so AWESOME! 

Thank you Legoland and Lajajakids for inviting me to Legoland’s Brick-or-Treat party night preview. One of the media relations person said she loves her job and it is not work to her. If all jobs were as fun as today, all jobs would be awesome! 

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Magic with Math- An Interview with Dr. Arthur Benjamin – Racing the Calculator

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My evening with Dr. Benjamin was really awesome. Jaslyne, Sharonlen and I saw Dr. Benjamin perform math magic at the Arcadia Library on September 8th.  We then got to interview him at the end. It was an event sponsored by the Friends of Arcadia Library. The library set aside some money they earned from their bookstore and donations to host the event. Dr. Benjamin is a math magician and he is very friendly.  He is a math professor at Harvey Mudd College and is also a magician at the Magic Castle. He is SUPER duper good at math. The event flyer says he has appeared on all these shows. He has appeared in the Colbert report, the Today Show, The National public radio, been profiled in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times,  USA Today, as well as Scientific American, Discover, Esquire, People, and Wired Magazine. When I was sick at home during my winter vacation, I watched his Joy of Mathematics DVD. I was wanted to learn his math tricks and was very impressed. He knows how to solve problems like 77,777 x 77,777 in his head which I think is cool. Seeing him perform in person is like a google times better. 

I got to see Dr. Benjamin do a magic square with a girl’s birthday. He also told us what day of the week our birthday was on. There were two kids that recited 60 digits of pi (my mom told me the spelling and it sounds like the pie we eat) correctly. The kids’ mom said they were inspired by his shows and that’s how the kids memorized it. 

These are just a few things I learned about Dr Benjamin:

-He likes backgammon and to race the calculator. 

– He has written books and made DVDs.  He just wrote a new book called the Magic of Math- Solving for x and figuring out y and will be at the Montclair Barnes and Noble on Sunday, September 13th. 

-He is working on a math app and hopefully it will be done in a year. 

– The Secrets of Mental Math is a DVD that he can recommend for elementary kids like me.  

– He thinks math is beautiful and magical. 

– He thinks memorizing for math helps at times like knowing multiplication but it’s fun to figure out why. 

– A math tip he has is that he does his mental math from left to right instead of right to left. 

Thank you for the performance, the interview and for teaching us, Dr. Benjamin. Special thanks to the Friends of the Arcadia Library, Dr. Benjamin and Lajajakids.com for making a great learning experience for us.  I enjoyed my time at the Arcadia Library with Lajajakids, Jaslyne, Sharonlen and with Dr. Arthur Benjamin. Maybe one day, I can be in his college class. 

PBS SoCaL Studio Tour

I went on a tour of the first floor of the PBS SoCal Studio in Costa Mesa with a group of Lajajakids junior journalists on Wednesday, August 19th. I had a fun day at PBS SoCal. It was really fun and awesome. 

Christine and Alison are very friendly people who gave us the tour.  Alison is an education associate and Christine is a community engagement person for PBS SoCal.  A few of the rooms we saw were the sound room, the production control room, the actual production studio floor room, the makeup room and the green waiting room. In the lobby there are TV screens that shows the current shows that are airing on TV . Of all the rooms my favorite room is the production studio floor room, because it is where the actual filming take place. 

I learned that PBS SoCal was started at Golden West Community College. A few other things I learned is that an audio engineer works in the sound room, Ready Jet Go is a show that will be coming soon, and it can take a few weeks just to make a 7 minute show. I also learned that PBS SoCal has about 65 employees and the equipment cost a lot of money. PBS SoCal is a nonprofit organization and get their support through grants and viewer pledges. Two of my favorite shows on PBS SoCal are Curious George and Dinosaur Train, because I watched them when I was younger. 

I would like to say thank you to PBS SoCal for giving us the studio tour. The public can tour the studio by calling PBS SoCal. The people who work there are really nice and I recommend everyone to see the studio live to experience fun.  Thank you again to Lajajakids.com for the opportunity for a great experience.