Jaslyne QQ, Age 9

PBS SoCaL Studio Tour

At PBS SoCal, we met our tour guides. Their names were Kristine and Allison. They showed the whole entire 1st floor to us. Did you know that the green room inside PBS SoCal actually has a Dressing Room and Makeup table? We then got to tour the actual studio where they shoot 2 of their adult shows! Did you also know that the cameras have glass panes that are on the cameras have the lines on them so the actors or actresses know what to say while they are still looking at camera?! There are hundreds of lights in the studio,just to have the actors or actresses be seen by the camera. At PBS SoCal, only 65 people work there. That is medium sized compared to other businesses.

I think the most interesting part of the tour was at the end, in the studio. I learned a lot about the equipment that they use to film and I also learned a lot about PBS SoCal itself because we asked our prepared questions. I learned about things like those facts above, and I also learned things like how the building is 6 stories tall, or that our tour guides are very new to PBS SoCal, or how PBS SoCal has just moved to Orange County from Costa Mesa! I learned a lot from this.  

I had a really good time at Orange County at PBS SoCal. It was really fun getting to see all the computers and buttons and all the things that they use to make all of the cool shows that you see on TV. I enjoy watching PBS Kids a lot, so it was a very special treat to go to PBS SoCal and take a tour there.I was very interesting and I hope to have an experience like that again.