Aaron, Age 9

PBS SoCaL Studio Tour

I went on a tour of the first floor of the PBS SoCal Studio in Costa Mesa with a group of Lajajakids junior journalists on Wednesday, August 19th. I had a fun day at PBS SoCal. It was really fun and awesome. 

Christine and Alison are very friendly people who gave us the tour.  Alison is an education associate and Christine is a community engagement person for PBS SoCal.  A few of the rooms we saw were the sound room, the production control room, the actual production studio floor room, the makeup room and the green waiting room. In the lobby there are TV screens that shows the current shows that are airing on TV . Of all the rooms my favorite room is the production studio floor room, because it is where the actual filming take place. 

I learned that PBS SoCal was started at Golden West Community College. A few other things I learned is that an audio engineer works in the sound room, Ready Jet Go is a show that will be coming soon, and it can take a few weeks just to make a 7 minute show. I also learned that PBS SoCal has about 65 employees and the equipment cost a lot of money. PBS SoCal is a nonprofit organization and get their support through grants and viewer pledges. Two of my favorite shows on PBS SoCal are Curious George and Dinosaur Train, because I watched them when I was younger. 

I would like to say thank you to PBS SoCal for giving us the studio tour. The public can tour the studio by calling PBS SoCal. The people who work there are really nice and I recommend everyone to see the studio live to experience fun.  Thank you again to Lajajakids.com for the opportunity for a great experience.