Pixar + Khan Academy 聯手推出 Art of Storytelling 教學頻道,教你做講故事高手

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免費網上教學網站 Khan Academy 與 Pixar 聯手推出 Art of Storytelling 教學頻道,讓你成為講故事高手!

Pixar 動畫工作室的講故事的功力無可置疑。由 Pixar 製作人開課教大家講故事,大家一定獲益良多。

免費課程叫做「講故事的藝術」(The Art of Storytelling),目前推出了兩課:

第一課是 We are all storytellers ~~由 Inside Out 及 Up 的著名導演 Pete Docter、Brave 導演 Mark Andrews、Inside
Out 動畫師 Domee Shi 及 Ratatouille
動畫師 Sanjay Patel 主講。第一課有 10 個章節,內有影片和活動。

上完第一課,要等一等,第二課 Characters 稍後上載。之後還有故事大綱、情緒管理等,今年內陸續開講。

There are few organizations in the world that can claim more expertise when it comes to storytelling than Pixar. The Disney-owned animation studio is known for its ability to consistently create world-class movies with gripping narrative alongside stunning visuals. Now, Pixar is helping others learn the secrets of great storytelling – for free, in partnership with online education provider Khan Academy.

The two have teamed up to create “Pixar In A Box,” and in this third instalment of the series, lessons are sourced from Pixar directors and story artists including Inside Out and Updirector Pete Docter, Brave director Mark Andrews, Inside Out story artist Domee Shi, and Ratatouille animator Sanjay Patel.

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In these new lessons from Khan Academy and Pixar, movie directors and story artists from acclaimed animated films share their advice for storytelling.

Khan Academy will be releasing six new lessons throughout 2017 with videos, exercises and hands-on activities that take students of all ages through the concepts of storytelling.

The first lesson is available now, and will provide an introduction to storytelling as well as help you hone your initial creation of things like setting and character. The lessons include both videos and activities for students to complete, and provides a general basis on which to build. The next instalment will focus on Character creation specifically, and others segments will address storyboarding, emotional appeal and more, with releases happening throughout 2017.